Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Dan babysat today (THE DOG!) so I could go to a doctor's appointment and get my haircut.
We are getting so used to him being reliably clean that we forgot that him staying accident-free depends on us taking him out regularly!

I blame the first two on Dan and Chris. 
Dan was busy on the phone and didn't realize 30 min. had passed. Crap. (literally)

Chris took Kershaw out when I took Nick to the orthodontist and then put him in his x-pen and then went up to his room for a nap.

An hour later when I got home Kershaw hadn't knocked the cage down, 
but he had left a present -- twice!
(The good news is, we were wondering if he was getting a bit backed up with his new food, so I'd given him pumpkin at his last few meals. So now we know that works.)

(And Chris didn't know that if he's left alone he needs to be in his crate -- not the xpen.)

And finally, we were having a wonderful evening. Kershaw had a long evening nap during our dinner and then Dan and I were playing with him while Nick was doing his homework 
(does that sound opposite of what should be happening?). 
We were having a great time until he started biting a lot. 
So we stuck him in the x-pen, not remembering that after 15-30 min. of play, he needs to go out.

But we forgot, and a few minutes after putting him in the pen, we looked over to see him 
standing in a big puppy puddle.

We will do so much better tomorrow!

Also got him in his Dodgers jersey tonight! Go Kershaw!

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