Thursday, January 05, 2017

1 Week Post-Op. The Damn Shot.

Chris' first full great day. He still hates that dang shot. But other than that he was feeling pretty good.
He woke up about 10:00 and started right in on his homework and got through quite a few assignments. 

Home school would be the worst because he doesn't like it when he turns his assignments into me (so I can take them to the school) and I give them back to him and ask him to do them better. And I don't love that when I want to discuss what happened in the photo of "Warriors Don't Cry" and help him think about how he can answer the assignment questions more fully he just says, "It's fine, Mom. I'm not going to write anymore. It's fine." If it was my paper, I would have A LOT more to say. Just saying.
Coincidentally, Chris' Health homework was on "First Aid"
He stayed in bed all day. But he was sitting up when he wasn't napping. He made it to and from the bathroom easily. He even figured out how to get back in bed himself! This is a huge milestone because now he's not dependent on me to help him back to bed after going to the bathroom! After putting his crutches back against the wall, he sits on the bed and crosses his good leg under his broken leg. Then using his arms to pull himself back on the bed a bit, still in a sitting position (but with the good leg, bringing the broken leg with him). Then he uses his good leg to hoist both legs up and into the bed. He makes it look quite simple. (But if you've recently broken your femur, give it a week before you try this trick ;-))

Sitting up! Progress!!
He's very happy to be more independent. He's also able to roll over onto his stomach without my help moving his leg so he has more positions he can get to at night on his own.

He's still eating well and in fact just before bed he wanted more soup. As predicted, once he got his appetite back, his body would make up for the food that's gone missing. Interestingly, he has not craved any treats. Yesterday he had a couple of cookies that some girls brought over. And he had a donut a few days ago that some other girls brought over. But he said that treats just don't sound good right now. But he's got a cupboard full of Taki's (that his friends know he loves and keep bringing him). I'm sure when he's more recovered, those won't last long. (Sadly, because I think those things are disgusting and can't stand how many he eats!)

He had me bend his knee again for him several times today. He can bend it a fraction (an inch?) on his own, but he can't hold it. So it feels so good to him to have me bend it a bit at a time and hold it in that new position. We're almost getting it to 90*. Then I put it back slowly, but it feels really good to have a new position. I mentioned that think about when they had to cast it -- couldn't be bent at all. And the thought literally gave him shivers and then a minute later he shuddered again saying he couldn't get that horrible thought out of his mind of not being able to bend it! So grateful for the advances in medicine!

Chris' set-up.
Chris had more Oxy today than other days -- at 4:00 a.m. and again for his nap at 2:00 and of course at 10:30 p.m. before going to sleep for the night. Three times is more than he's had in a while so we decided he'd have it this day, but in future back to two times with Tylenol in between. So he needed to choose early morning or naps. We'll see. He stopped taking the Laxative on Wednesday because even though its nice not to be blocked up, he thinks he might prefer it to the opposite effect since it's so painful to sit for too long. I'm going to follow his lead on this one.

Before bed we were all together in his room for scriptures and prayer. Dan asked if we should make an effort to get Chris up and around and moving more each day. I really don't think so. Today was our first good day without any traumatic activities (showering, sitting on the pot etc. -- funny how such little things can be so difficult). And it was a great day. Chris isn't lazy and I'm not either. I think together we'll figure out a good balance for healing and improving but also for not rushing it. Let's just enjoy this good day. We both need it.

In other Normal Life news: 
Puppy selection day is tomorrow! I dreamed about the puppies last night and was feeling like I really wished I could go meet them before we selected. I asked Nick if he wanted to, but Payson is an hour away and he didn't want to drive that far. You know, he has homework and stuff. (And swimming and basketball and practicing.)

When I asked Dan, he said, Yes! Yay! This was our first both together leaving Chris adventure. Kinda like a date! But nights are his good times and it had been a good day. And Nick would be home to "babysit."

I made Carbonara Pasta for dinner (why do I ever buy Alfredo sauce? It's practically easier to make your own -- especially now that I have the shelf-life cream from KT's favorite dairy in Logan. Does gluten-free pasta make up for being doused in cream and butter?). We all ate in Chris' room on the floor (he in the bed). It's nice to all be together for dinner and kind of fun to picnic! 

After dinner we got Chris situated, instructed Nick to do his practicing after his homework (and he actually does it!), helped Nick know how to get Chris back in bed if he needed help and took off. (It seriously is like the old days when we needed a babysitter with all the last-minute instructions.)

It's been snowing a ton, but we didn't get as heavy a storm as predicted so the roads were pretty clear until we passed Provo. Even freeways were a bit slick, but not as bad as yesterday. JoAn Ellsworth had warned me that the neighborhood roads in Payson were still snowy, which they were, but not too bad. 

JoAn opened the crate so all the puppies could come out for a minute on the back porch and we could pet them. But then we put all the girls back and took the three boys to the indoor playpen. I sat on the floor and played with all three. They were so cute and so fun to pet and hold! Who knew I would like it so much?! They were biters, all of them, but I felt more comfortable saying, "no bite," than I did the first time. Probably because there were three of them and it was getting a bit annoying.

All 3 boys -- Sarge, Hero and Veteran (Puppies were born day after Veteran's Day so all have military names)
We only stayed for 30 minutes and then headed home. (Checked in on Chris who was doing great and asked if we could stop and get Fruit Gushers. Definitely feeling more like his old self. Maybe not everyone will agree, but I kind of thought a shot of sugar would actually be good for him.)

While Veteran was the darkest in caramel color, they were all darker than the online photos showed. I was worried that Hero would be too light, but actually he was a great color too. He had the curliest coat which I like a lot now, but JoAn said his coat was like her oldest dog -- very curly and poodle-like. It was good to see the older dog because Dan and I decided we preferred the wavy coat of Sarge and Veteran. We compared the aptitude tests on the way home and did more research to determine what the most important results were. Veteran had a 5 in an area that said he might "spook" easily. And he was just shaking while Dan held him. This can be cleared up with training, but might not. We were both leaning toward Sarge.
At home Chris liked the dark coat of Veteran and Nick liked Hero's video during the aptitude testing. But we talked about the "spook easily" element and the poodle coat and both were open to Sarge as well. The more we talked about it, the more we felt good about Sarge. And that's what I put as our first choice! I put Veteran as 2nd and Hero as 3rd but asked JoAn to call me if we don't get Sarge, because we keep changing our mind! I'm sooooo glad we could go visit before choosing. Just holding and petting those little pups has me so excited! And I'm glad we chose the one we wanted and not just  "took whatever we got" which sounds easier, but actually isn't as satisfying. (That is a good life lesson and would be a good church talk if anyone needs one.)

Finally, Chris' bedtime and The Shot. I think I should start calling it "The Damn Shot." (Similarly to how Dan referenced our yard as "The Damn Lot" for so many years when just after we bought it the economy tanked and we had a payment instead of paying it off like we thought we were going to do.)

Chris hates it so much now he tenses up and starts getting worked up at just the thought of it. Dan witnessed it this time and saw how very not fun it is for both me and Chris. In my restrained frustration I did say, "I'm not trying to hurt you, Chris. I don't like this either." And later Chris apologized profusely and wanted to give me a hug. Dang, some of this sucks. But we are trying to make it better together. I went and read the "how to" again. And I think I found out that I might be doing it wrong. I think I may be lifting the plunger too soon -- after I push it in, instead of removing the needle and then letting go of plunger. So tomorrow will make sure I remove needle first and see if it helps. Do I admit that I was doing it wrong to Chris? Yikes.

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