Thursday, January 12, 2017

Happy Birthday, Nick!

Waking up in Hawaii is not such a bad way to turn 12! Happy 12th Birthday, Nick!

Highlights include:
*Breakfast at the hotel buffet
*Nick, Dan & Marty golfing
*Chris & Mom napping
*Marty & Nick went down to the beach but the waves aren't that good.
*Chris is glad the waves are small so he's not missing out.
*Chris and Dan got in hot tub and Chris said the pain in his leg was gone while he was in the water.
*Classic Super Mario Bros. on the Wii
*North Shore food trucks for dinner.
*Red velvet cake and ice cream for dessert.
*And at midnight after everyone was asleep, Courtney arrived!

Happy Birthday, Nicholas!

A night out! (Chris is precariously balanced without his crutches, but didn't want them in the photo!)


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