Friday, January 06, 2017

1 Week Down (and so very, very tired)!

Christopher has been home from the hospital a week. What a difference a week makes! After getting so much rest yesterday, he's in a lot less pain today. Extra Strength Tylenol helped him get back to sleep at 5:00 am and he slept until 11:00. He is feeling so much better. I am feeling so very, very tired.

Bedside Necessities: water bottle, tissues, lotion, Sharps Container, remotes, thermometer, Burt's Bees. Crutches.
(Phone is with him in bed.)
He can get back in bed himself now with his new-found trick of crossing his good leg under his bad leg and using it to lift them both back into the bed. He hasn't needed me to move his leg for him to straighten it out while he's in bed which means he must be able to do it some himself now.  Also, when he was getting out of bed, he sat there a moment and said it felt good to have his knee bent for a bit. So all these little "regular" movements, are all feeling good now rather than causing pain.

Marty went to Jamba Juice today at Chris' request and got him "a real Jamba Juice" and an Einsteins bagel. Comfort.

Six friends came over after school to say hi. He was just about to take a nap, but he was excited to see friends -- and to know he wasn't forgotten on a Friday when everyone usually hangs out. They were filming a movie--love how creative they get! After a while Chris told them he needed to nap. I was surprised he made it that long because even before his accident, he REALLY loved his naps.

They went downstairs to finish filming while Chris slept, and then they stayed and played video games. Made me laugh and happy they felt comfortable making themselves at home. If I wanted them to leave, I could have gone and told them it was time. But it was nice to have his friends here again. And I had so many leftovers from Christmas break I hoped I could get them to eat a bunch! They were more than willing to stay for dinner, but sadly, I still have a lot of leftovers.

Chris slept for a couple of hours -- without meds. So he pretty much went the whole day without Oxy or even Tylenol. Good sign. Wondering how he'll feel tomorrow. Often its seemed like a good day is followed by a bad day. But I know that's normal.

Speaking of normal life events, we found out that we got SARGE, our first choice, for a puppy! And the breeder called us on her way home from the structure evaluation and said Sarge was top on the structure evaluation list! Not sure that means a whole lot to us, but -- his first 1st place. Ahh, so proud.

When I texted everyone to tell them the good news, Nick got confused and thought I was saying we were picking him up that night while he and Dan were sleeping away at Scout Klondike Derby camp in Heber. (17 degrees right now. Cabins are "heated" to about 50 degrees. These are the times I'm glad I'm the mom.)

Because it's FUN when life is chaotic (No, not really. So what's wrong with me?!) I started thinking about how Tilly, Sarge's mom, has already gone home and he's already 8 weeks, so we probably could pick him up early. And then Marty could meet him before we go to Hawaii and then he leaves on his mission. So I asked the breeder. And she said, "of course!" And I went and asked Chris if he was up to being by himself for an hour or two (his friends had left after dinner). And he said, "of course!"

So I ran to TJ Maxx (on the recommendation of Michelle) and to Petco (which I'm not sure I loved the store itself -- but such helpful teenage boys who were so patient with me, even though they closed 5 min. earlier and I still needed a few more things. Seriously, they were.) and got lots of supplies -- crate, bed, toys, treats, bowls, harness, no-smell bully sticks etc. Ordered food online to my house and the trainers who will keep him for two weeks after we go to Hawaii.

I had been so tired. And all day I was looking forward to quiet and a nap. But with fun teenagers coming over and a dog to look forward to, I got through the day on a big dose of Adrenaline and too much sugar.

So tomorrow Sarge will become Kershaw. And I will have a new reason to get up in the middle of the night. But he's so dang cute!

Back to Chris, when I got home he was down in the kitchen smiling and happy with four different friends! Wow! They were trying to get in with the garage code and then Chris decided to come down the stairs and open the door for them. And apparently he fell down the stairs because he was so excited and moving too fast. But only 4 stairs--not all of them. Remember how the doctor said his leg is strong? First thing I thought of too.

The good news is that when he fell, he put weight on his bad leg to catch himself. It hurt, but the pain didn't linger. He said it scared him to death, but then he realized he was okay. He's been so afraid of hurting his bad leg again -- either doing something to make it hurt worse or to make it hurt for a while when it finally stops hurting. So this little fall was a bit of a blessing in disguise. Gave him the courage to put a little weight on it once in a while and test the waters. Just start getting used to the idea.

I said they could stay until 10:30. At 10:30 Chris asked for 11:00. And by 11:30 everyone had gone home, Chris was happy as could be and ready to sleep. And I was happy. And still so tired. After midnight again before climbing into bed. How does this happen?

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