Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Peace Out, Chaos!

Our flight was delayed 4 hours. I'm not complaining about having extra time in the morning!

Fit in an appt. with Catherine to work on house design. Turned in Chris' homework for end of term and visited with his counselor to make a plan for next semester.

Marty came running down the stairs and whispered, "Mom, you need to hang the birthday sign!"
"In Hawaii? I'll make sure to take it."
"No, now! It's Nick's birthday!"
"Wait, what day is today? It's the 11th"
"No, its the 12th."
iphone verified that it indeed was the 11th. Crisis averted. But so loved that Marty didn't want us to forget Nick's birthday sign!

Kershaw is apparently doing great with the trainer. Sooo glad to have had a full night's sleep these last couple of nights. Hope they're teaching him to potty outside and not inside!

A few seats came open and Dan upgraded everyone. That will be a fun surprise for Marty and Nick.

I had time to make some construction paper candles for Nick's b-day money "cake." And Dan ran to Best Buy to get another gift for Nick because he wanted him to have something to open on our trip. (He's suddenly become really good at thinking of gifts for the kids. Love this new phase!)

On flights I usually read books or magazines. Always have a little nap. Rarely watch movies. This trip I fell asleep before we even left the gate and then watched three movies straight. Yep, I've needed some serious downtime. We all have. So happy to be headed to Hawaii!

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