Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sayonara, Son

It's been pretty hard to be sad when Marty was so darn excited. Seriously, his enthusiasm was contagious! He's off to do a great work and have amazing experiences along the way and I'm excited for him to get started. And so was he.

This morning wasn't too hectic finishing up last minute details as he didn't have to check-in until 1:15.  And knowing he'll be at the Provo MTC for two months where we can easily send packages through local delivery services simplified things since if he forgets anything important or didn't need something after all, we could easily send it to him or he can send things back.

I asked how he was feeling yesterday. Apprehensive? Excited? He said he was ready. Ready to go and ready to start and excited to see what the MTC was all about.  He kept saying he'd been thinking about this day his whole life and was so happy it was finally here.
August 29, 2005 -- Marty 8 years old -- 1st day of 2nd grade

We picked up Nick from school on the way and had a casual lunch at Even Stevens sandwich shop. Then headed to Provo with enough time to take photos outside the Provo temple. Lots of families were doing the same thing. Our photo session was very short and then we hopped in the car to get in line for drop-off. Which was actually a very long, slow line. Took 20 minutes, but not complaining about all sitting together laughing and joking for an extra 20. We waved a car ahead of us at one point and later found out it was one of my good friends' from high school who was dropping off her daughter!! I didn't notice her, but she instagrammed me later to tell me so!
Will be so fun to see how these boys change in two years! 
Family Selfie outside the Provo temple
As we pulled up to drop-off, Marty spotted his buddy from high school! (Chris was in the front seat, Marty was cozily squished between Nick and I in the back and he had to quickly lean over me to roll down the window and call Noah's name to get his attention as he walked by.) We all quickly jumped out so Marty could say hi and Marty's greeter let Elder Hedin be his "greeter" who walks him to his dorm and helps him get acclimated. Marty was so excited to see him and gave us each quick hugs and then walked away. Loved that he was ready to get going!

And then we came home back to everyone else's real life:

Nick decided to get a haircut after all. Then he wanted to go to the bank and get a debit card. Ummm... growing up, much? 12 years old. He's off to his first Deacon's basketball game tonight and then his Jr. Jazz game right after.
Before -- Obviously he didn't wear it this way. But really, getting a little out of control.
Atta boy!
Chris resumed his "spot" back in bed, but was awake enough to watch a movie and then came downstairs for dinner. (Have I said a million times already what a difference a week makes! WOW! Cannot believe how much he's improved!) A week ago I met with his counselor to work out going to 1 or 2 classes a day and now he's going to try three classes tomorrow his first day back. He's getting around easier. Can even put his foot down and limp a bit. Not far, but enough to have someone hold his crutches so he is crutch-free in photos!
Kathy V. brought us dinner last night! What a wonderful surprise!
The Hoole's brought us dinner tonight! I have such thoughtful friends!

On the plane home from Hawaii, we had a stewardess who was on our flight out. She was thrilled to see Christopher looking so well and commented that she and the other stewardesses were talking about how pale he had been and so sick. And now he looks so much better!

Deep thoughts with the boys in the pool in Hawaii.
Last night was Marty's setting-apart. We met with the Stake President and our bishop at the President's office and Grandpa and Diane came too. What a nice meeting. Lasted about an hour with the Stake President offering counsel and advice and giving the rest of us each an opportunity to counsel and share our love with Marty as well. I loved how Nick told Marty he was grateful for his example and that watching him prepare for his mission has made Nick excited for his own someday. And Chris telling Marty he was his best friend and he was proud of his example.

Marty spoke last sharing how excited he was and how the church was true and he was excited to love the people of Japan and tell them about Jesus.

Putting his pin on the missionary map at the Stake President's Offices

Thomas and Matt were over earlier in the evening so they could all watch the last Regular Show together (Series finale -- perfect timing!) and then hung out and talked after Marty came back from getting set-apart.

Marty has been diligently reading through the Book of Mormon and had just Moroni left to read last night. He wanted to save it for a time after saying good night to everyone and being alone and he could think, ponder and act on Moroni's Promise. Proud of him for taking it so seriously.

Marty saying goodbye to Courtney in the Honolulu airport. She was also sick.
See how hard it is to be sad when he has that happy smile?! 

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