Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Even though I haven't been blogging, I've been reading blogs. I've also been taking pictures of everything happening with the idea that I'd post the photos on my blog. Well I'm going to finally do that tonight. But I don't have much commentary. I'm on a diet and I just can't be funny on a diet.

This month's "get out of the snow" trip was to St. George for a soccer tournament. Courtney had a blast staying with her team and hanging out with them the whole time. Thanks to her new texting abilities we kept in touch from time-to-time. We had a blast with the boys at Snow Canyon picnicking, playing in the sand dunes and hiking around. We also hit the driving range where Dan and the boys hit a couple of buckets and I sat on a chair reading my book and "watching."

Here's a trick: We got adjoining rooms but they weren't connecting. (Just not a vacation if I have to share a room with all the kids!) So, Dan put the phone in both rooms on Speakerphone and we could hear the kids if they needed anything at night. Worked like a charm!

Courtney's in her school musical and I volunteered to help buy props. I actually had to make some of them which caught me offguard as my creative talents are abysmal. Had to make 11 food trays to be exact that the kids could hold while dancing. I surfed extensively the internet and ebay searching for fake food and found a lot but it costs a fortune! These trays were adding up to $50 each! Not about to spend $600 on fake food I searched through several thrift stores and bought any fake fruit I could find. Found fake fish, crab and lobsters at the party store and finally fake everything else at a design warehouse. (If ever you're in need of fake food props, you can also buy real bread and shellac it -- that will keep it from spoiling.) With the help of my glue gun which I haven't used in a decade, I put everything together and was quite proud! My family was pretty excited to come home and see such a feast!! Too bad it was fake!

The Pinewood Derby was last week. Our scouts group hasn't had one in years apparently because it got too competitive among the Dads. Last year when I was the scout leader I got all the info for our Pack leader and strongly suggested we do it this year because our boys really wanted to. He put it together and as always went all out with decorating and planning etc. It was a blast! Marty's Grandpa helped him learn to use the bansaw at his house over Christmas and then let him cut out his own design. He did such a great job! His car turned out awesome and he took 3rd place! Dan thought he was ahead of the game adding weights and graphite but when we showed up, every Dad knew every trick and they even had graphite and supplies for everyone to use after the first rounds so you could make improvements to your car if you want. This picture is of Dan (and Marty?) making sure their wheels were just right for the 2nd round. Marty took 3rd place!

Our Air Hockey table has been out of order for a while. The pucks were stuck and we couldn't find the keys to open the doors to get them out. Last weekend Marty, his buddy, and Christopher went to town pounding the heck out of the table to see if they could loosen the pucks. This is what came out. Thanks Nicholas! Reminds me of when Marty was a toddler and our VCR stopped working. I found popsicle sticks, cheetos, cars, cards, and pretzels.

The kids were lying on the ground for much of their pounding and seeing a small hole on the bottom of the table reminded Marty of where he'd hidden the keys. Yes, in the hole. Pucks are free, table is working, basement is fun again.

Finally, we've had snowpack all winter long--literally since Dec. 1. Finally we're thawing out and we can see grass again! Everyone's ready!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Remember Sea Monkeys?

I will definitely post pictures of Hawaii, but first: Christopher got Sea Monkeys for Christmas from a friend. And they've actually survived having us as caretakers. It's a first for our family -- our other attempts at fish have only lasted 2 days before we've killed them. Not that sea monkeys are actually fish, but they swim in water and have to be fed. He also got Magic Rocks but they didn't grow. I guess we killed them. We can't keep rocks alive, but way to go Sea Monkeys! The picture is of their habitat. They're in there--look carefully.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


So when we arrived in Hawaii I discovered I had forgotton my hairbrush. "Oh great... I have to strive to get body in my VERY straight, thin hair with nothing but Dan's comb (a man version of the comb in this picture) -- How will I do that?!!!"

Perhaps inspired by the "80's Weekend" that KISS FM Hawaii was broadcasting... Kind of fun to play, "Guess the Artist" to oldies but goodies such as "Raspberry Beret," "Take On Me," "Stray Cats," "Turn Around Bright Eyes," "Dead Man's Party," "Life in a Northern Town," and just as I said, "They haven't played any OMD!" they ended the night with, "If You Leave!" It was really a good day... Oh yeah, I was talking about something else...

Start again... Perhaps inspired by the "80's Weekend" that KISS FM Hawaii was broadcasting, my hands were also taken back to a time when all hairdo's were created with a pick. Suddenly I found I could get lift at my scalp and flip in the ends all with my pick/comb. Eight years of primping my perm with a pick (wow, don't say that too fast--it sounds a little racy) saved the day.

Okay, I'm so taken with how innocent the phrase is yet how naughty it sounds that I need to stop typing now. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. I'm kind of tired too, which makes the laughing even worse. And my dishes are piled high as well as the laundry so I'm wondering if I'm laughing, but in fact really crying because of all the work to do. Wish I could tune into an 80's station.

Favorite TV Show Quote of the Week

This has been running through my head for two days...not sure why. But if you know what show it's from, you get 10 points. Any guesses:
"Bowling! Can I go bowling? Those two-toned shoes are so retro-chic!!"