Sunday, December 19, 2010

Courtney's First Dance

Courtney and Jeff

Taylor, Megan, Anne, Courtney

Okay Courtney, sorry to be so cheesy on the title, but really, as your mom, I do get to be cheesy when it comes to my kids big firsts sometimes. Right?! Even if you are 15 years old! You'd be sad if I didn't...right? Just like I like it when my mom cries whenever she talks about how much she loves her kids. It's one of the things mom's are supposed to do!

The details: Winter Formal 2010. Girl's Choice.
Nobody was old enough to drive, so parents took turns.
Dan and I got to do pick-up.
Our plan of 4 kids squishing in the middle of our car and 4 more squishing in the very back didn't work. 4 kids couldn't fit in the back. So Dan, being the awesome dad, and knowing we were running late getting the group to their dinner reservation downtown (Macaroni Grill) jumped out at the corner to make room for the last boy and walked the mile home.

Big Thank You to Courtney for agreeing to let me take a photo of her and Jeff after she picked him up (kids these days are so accommodating)! I was fast and only took one so as not to embarrass. But it turned out great!

Rest of the details: Macaroni Grill, Gelato down the street (within walking distance while they waited for the next parent to pick them up and drive them to the dance), Dance at the high school (so different these days!), Hung out after at Taylor's making scones & hot chocolate, decorating gingerbread house (Courtney and I with help from her friends made them previously -- all 4! From scratch. Feeling pretty talented!), and playing Curses. Home by 1:00 a.m.

I was fast asleep when she got home, but I asked her to wake me up when she got home and tell me all about it. Wow...seems like yesterday!

Okay, now I'm looking forward to all the oohs and ahhs and comments from all the aunts and and grandmas!! :-) Go!

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November 11, 2010

November 21, 2010

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

P.S. Kid, I'm Not That Old!

Marty was talking about a book his class is reading for English. His buddy was saying it's so sad! Well they're reading "Brian's Song." Remember that movie? (Never knew it was a book!)

I asked if they were going to watch the movie in class after they were finished. Yep, they are.
Me: Wow! That was a popular movie when I was a kid!
Marty: Oh no! I don't want to watch a black and white movie!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Grammar Lesson

Is the plural of "snowman," "snowmen?" Or "snowmans?"

My guess is snowmen. But that's not what I wrote the other day. Hmmm...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Snowmans Around Town

Welcome Winter Friends...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

End of the Season

I call this picture:
"We're tired and we want to go home."
"Why didn't you at least unlock the car?"
Post-soccer game after Mom finished "Team-Mom" business with the coach.

Nick lookin' like a superstar in his last game of the season!

5-year-old End-of-Season Reward? Pile on the Coach!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

HAppY HaLLoWeen!

Michael Jackson and Luke Skywalker

Titan Baseball Player

Chris' friend Ethan -- his mom always does a bang-up job making him the best costumes!
She can make DI, spray paint, and posterboard turn into a work of art!!

I'm pretty sure I've seen MJ in this exact pose!

Me revisiting my scout costume but with a new recruit this year!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Snow

And Winter Begins...

I think if you're 5 years old, building a snowman
on the first Day of Snow
is more important than being on time to Kindergarten.
Don't you?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy 94th Birthday, Grandma!

Grandma Adair turns 94! Much to her dismay!
She's upset she has to pay taxes another year!
She's a cutie glad we got to celebrate with her!

Friday, October 22, 2010


When I die and go to heaven, instead of a singing choir, give me a chorus of 200 violins!

Marty's Suzuki "Celebration" was last weekend. I took this "video" (mostly just for the sound!) during rehearsal. Listening to such a large group play is so thrilling!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Do You Believe in Signs?

Last week my friend texted me, "What humanitarian trips are you and Courtney looking into?"
Oh yeah, I was looking into that at one time. Then I'd promptly forgot.

So that morning I started looking into ideas again. Later I talked to her in person to get her ideas. She'd heard that Deanne's kids had participated in a program and they really liked it. "I'll have to call Deanne," I said.

So an hour later I went to the store to buy orange juice because I was fighting off a cold. There stood Deanne in line ahead of me. "I was just talking about you," I said. And I got her ideas for humanitarian projects.

Later that evening I told Courtney about the info I'd found and that I'd run into Deanne at the store just after I'd been talking about her. What a coincidence, we said. It must be a sign, we laughed. "Who's Deanne?" She wondered.

The next day we stood in the driveway. Deanne drove by in her suburban. "That's Deanne," I said. We looked at each other. Yep, it's a sign.

Today I had the most wonderful spontaneous day. I came home from Aerobics. (Yes, I said aerobics -- dance steps and all.) And I surfed the internet to check in on all that had happened in the world for the 90 minutes that I'd been gone to aerobics. Then Julia called. I last saw Julia 3 years ago when we happened to be at the same book conference. Before that I'd last seen her when our husbands were students at University of Chicago. However, we follow each other's blogs and are friends on Facebook. So it really feels like we keep up on each other's lives.

She was calling to return some books. We'd tried to see each other last summer when I answered her shout-out to anyone with the Hunger Games series who would be willing to loan it out. But I was racing to Nick's swim lessons and she was racing with children as well. So I left the books on the porch.

"It would be fun to actually see each other when I bring your books back." (We've been talking about seeing each other for exactly 3 years -- since I last ran into her. Yogurt, walks, bike rides, lunch. Anything. But we haven't done it.)

"Let's go walking," I said. Tomorrow didn't work for Julia and Wednesday didn't work for me. "What about today?" She ventured. "Why not?"

So Julia came over and we went on a walk. And we talked and talked and talked. Then we went to lunch, sweaty and all, and she treated (Thank you!!) and we talked and talked some more. And it was the most wonderful day! Much better than organizing my closet or shopping for Halloween costumes at DI and Savers. And infinitely better than surfing the internet for entertainment.

She said that morning while driving to carpool they'd hit a big dip. And her daughter said, "This is like that dip that we hit by your friend that we'd borrowed the books from."

And then later that morning she ran into her friend from her kids' school. Who was my new friend from the cruise. My name came up -- "How do you know Angela?" And so with the thought of needing to return my books and my name coming up twice in just a few hours, she called. The result was a wonderful day and a friendship nurtured. "It was a sign," she laughed as she walked away. I think it was.
Julia & me -- 3 years ago

Friday, October 08, 2010


Our painter convinced us that textured paint was all the rage...
Apparently our kids love it too!

Now you can Graffitti in the comfort of your own home!
No markers or paint required!
Just bring a sharp fingernail and never be bored
in the bathroom again!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Creeps

When you have one dead rat in your zucchinis and another next to your swingset with it's guts falling out and infested with flies, it gives a whole new meaning to, "You don't know where that fly in your kitchen has been."

Luckily Dan doesn't even flinch (on the outside) when it comes to disposing of the dead vermin. But I had to take the trash to the curb today and I'm not quite sure why, but the lid was left open on the can last night, and the gnats were swarming it looking for those dead rats. And I think one of the gnats might have touched me when I reached over to shut the garbage can lid.

And it made me think of Christopher's bedtime conversation last night. He was asking me all about the plague. I hope there's not some weird foreshadowing going on here.

So then I went on my walk and when my friend stopped to talk, I was swarmed by gnats again. It felt like the rat-gnats were following me. And I'm pretty sure one went up my nose. So the rest of my walk I couldn't breathe in too deeply and I kept having to blow my nose on my sleeve. And I know that sounds gross, but obviously I couldn't have actually inhaled more bubonic plague than I've already been contaminated with.

I've kind of got the creeps.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

My Favorite Halloween Decorations

The best part of decorating for Halloween is pulling out these photos and remembering!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

October 1st -- Witches Festival

It was my day to get the Kindergarten kiddos from school on early day Friday and we had enough time to go visit the Witches Festival at Gardner Village.
This is a last-ditch effort for me to take any free time I have with Nicholas and go do something fun. We've got 2 hours on Fridays after his morning Kindergarten before he goes to his afternoon Kindergarten and suddenly I'm realizing it's enough time to go do something fun once in a while!

The boys liked seeing all the witches and pumpkins. And trying on witches' hats at the Toy store. And they liked exploring the Candy store several times over and finally picking out a treat. But the thing they loved the most was watching the ducks in the river and spotting the extra large fish. And having enough time when we got home to play the Wii for 10 minutes!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

In The Yard

Most delicious treat in the world, hanging from the back fence!
Love Fall!

Most biggest suckah in the whole world hanging from the umbrella!
I HATE moths!!Wish I had video of Dan brushing it off then hitting the deck
when this pterodactyl-moth came diving back at him!!

Pretty nice of him though to get close enough to snap a photo of it
so I could have it on my blog! Love ya, honey!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

40th Birthday Cruise

What a way to celebrate turning 40! A 7-day Mexican Riviera Cruise with good friends, reconnecting with old friends and making new friends! We had a GREAT time!

Rebekah came to watch the kids and we took off without a care in the world knowing that the kids and life at home were in good hands! Thanks Bek!!

The whole thing was planned by my "twin in heaven," Jenn. We were both born on September 12-- Me in L.A. at 3:30 p.m. and Jenn in Chicago at 5:30 p.m. We became friends in high school and always made a big deal about how we "held hands down from heaven!" It was so perfect to be celebrating with her. Not to mention she's a total crack-up and had us laughing from beginning to end.

Leaving Port

Pingrees & Souliers

We left from Los Angeles with a good omen from the
GOOD YEAR Blimp passing overhead as we departed!

Our mornings on the ship were filled with sleep, exercise and eating.
No matter what time we sat down to eat, we always
ran into someone in our group to eat with, talk to and get to know better.

Afternoons we went ice skating, rock climbing, played in the dodgeball tournament,
read by the pool and of course, ate more food.

In Cabo San Lucas, Mike and Dan and I all went Scuba Diving.
Dan and I had wondered if diving outside of Cozumel would be a
let down because the visisbility wasn't as clear. Not at all!
The visibility was great, and each time under the ocean is like seeing a new world for the first time. Each time is different and amazing!

Our favorites this time were seeing the most massive schools of fish,

an eel, puffer fish and a sea horse.
The colors of coral were breathtaking -- bright green, burnt orange, bright purple, light blue.
I don't think I'll ever get tired of exploring it.

We finished the afternoon with delicious $1 tacos and guacamole at Taco Loco a shack Dan was certain he could remember and find after 10 years. He did. Wish I could eat there every day!

Mazatlan we hung out on a beach and ate fresh mango with chili and lime!
80's music was blasting from the restaurant behind us and the waves were huge. So we pretty much had everything we wanted for the day!
We tried boogy boarding but the waves were so big they were hard to get past. After a few times we were exhausted. It was actually easier to get out without boards.

In Puerto Vallarta we zip lined at Los Veranos. We were high above the jungle zipping back and forth across a river. It was a blast! Also finished off the afternoon with tacos and guacamole at the restaurant there. Again, soooo delicious.

Jenny, Me, Dan, Darrin, Patti, Mike, Jenn, Edie, Brenden, Karen, Katie, Motts

Dan, Darrin & Patti getting ready to zip

Travis and Edie

Jenn, Karen & Brenden

Helado Bing -- An Adair Family favorite from our family trip to Puerto Vallarta in 1986!

Highlights of the evenings include:
Edie as lead singer for Celebration at Karaoke -- Me, Patti, Jenny and Katie as back-ups
The girl who sang "Turn Around, Bright Eyes" a bit off-key. So love that song!
Karaoke to RESPECT! Starring Jenn & Edie. Patti as a dancer and me as back-up.

Dancing in the "Street" during 70's night and
Patti pulled on-stage by the cruise directors to show off her moves!

Dancing by the pool and getting the party started when we all jumped in with our clothes on.
Later the whole cruise staff jumped in too! They said it was a first for them!
They couldn't believe we were all sober!

80's Music Trivia night. We were the only group to get "Livin' on a Prayer!" After hearing the few notes, all 14 of us took off singing without the music and sang the chorus to the very end. Stopping the whole game. In front of the whole room. And we were wrong!

It was good times, we totally let loose and had lots of laughs!
Good to be 40!