Monday, September 21, 2009


I am ready to buy mums and pick our pumpkins and put them on our front porch.  Today felt like Fall -- just in time.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Enrichment Night 2

2nd class -- hopefully less glitches!!

Enrichment Night

Right here, right now I'm teaching an enrichment night on blogging!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Open Windows

A few months ago just Nick and I were driving around and he asked if we could open ALL the windows in the car -- moon roof, VERY back "vent windows" -- everything. I said, "No."

There are lots of reasons why--its windy and noisy being good reasons and I simply don't feel like it being the main reason.

Then I remembered a freezing winter day 30 years ago when my dad opened all the windows in our car. He stuck his foot out the window (yes, while driving), so we did too. "Wow!!! This feels GREAT!" he said. "The temperature is PERFECT!" And we laughed and laughed and pretended it was the middle of summer as we drove around with all the windows down. And I remember how fun it was. And how we laughed and laughed. And how much I loved my dad.

So I rolled down all the windows and Nick laughed and laughed and so did I. And it was as great as I remembered.

He asked if we could roll them all down again today. And I said "No." Because I really didn't feel like it. But then I remembered how fun it is and I rolled them all down again. And opened the moon roof and the VERY back windows. And Nick laughed and laughed and it felt GREAT!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nick's First Day

Nick's first day of school was Tuesday. He's been waiting for two long weeks since the older kids started end of August. To top off the exciting day, he got to eat lunch at school on his first day.

I peeked through the window while he was eating and watched him get all of his food out of his lunchbox and arrange it just so on the table. Oranges, pretzels and sandwich all removed from their bags and then placed on top of their bags next to each other with his drink next to them. Very organized eating process.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Food Inc.

Just saw this movie today. Yikes! Good movie, scary food! Good reminder to try to purchase locally-grown food as well as organic, pesticide free, GMO-free foods when possible.

I signed a petition here to encourage healthy lunches in schools and another one here to ask Congress to not allow milk with r-BGH in schools.

Check out the Food, Inc. website here.


My first full day of kids in school (Nick to playgroup then straight to school) and I spend the day trying to fix the washing machine which won't drain again and then cleaning up a dang flood THREE TIMES in the laundry room -- first when I had to drain it to fix it, second when it still wasn't fixed and THIRD when the drain door didn't get a good seal because of all the rocks and sand in the threads. Grrr...

Those Sham Wows sure work well though -- ring out real well -- just like the commercial!

AND when I pulled my towels out of the dryer, they still smelled like Lake Powell -- and that's a GREAT thing! Good memories!