Wednesday, September 09, 2009


My first full day of kids in school (Nick to playgroup then straight to school) and I spend the day trying to fix the washing machine which won't drain again and then cleaning up a dang flood THREE TIMES in the laundry room -- first when I had to drain it to fix it, second when it still wasn't fixed and THIRD when the drain door didn't get a good seal because of all the rocks and sand in the threads. Grrr...

Those Sham Wows sure work well though -- ring out real well -- just like the commercial!

AND when I pulled my towels out of the dryer, they still smelled like Lake Powell -- and that's a GREAT thing! Good memories!

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Julie said...

Ugh. I hate cleaning up when I have 1000 better things to do with my time.
Love the picture of you in the jeep!