Friday, April 13, 2018

Quiet Friday Nights

It's kinda weird how many Friday nights I've been alone since moving to our new house. Probably every other! Dan has been traveling a ton! Fortunately I don't mind being alone. I took Kershaw for a walk in the dog park tonight and gave him a bath. So that was something.

I've also got to comment on my classmates' assignments and hope some people comment on mine. And then finish my 10 page short story that's due tonight. It's been fun to have homework again and have something to work on that I enjoy. But I'm having a hard time figuring out what to write for my story. I realized I'm good at writing scenes. Those come easily to me. I can totally make something up with realistic dialogue and tension and everything. But having a beginning, middle and end is really hard for me.

Back to work.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Some Days Feel Like Spring

The weather is splitting half and half. Three rainy days then three nice days. Then three rainy again. Gotta take advantage of the nice days. I rode my bike on Monday and today I went hiking on Mt. Olympus. For some reason my watch recorded 1.8 miles to the stream instead of 2.0 like last time. But I made it in 50 min. So 10 min. quicker than before. I'm getting stronger!

I love this tree just past the first stream. See the middle?

It's been worn completely smooth by all the hands that have grabbed it to be given a boost.
I think that's a nice legacy to leave.
It's indescribably smooth and soft.  It gives me a good feeling every time I touch it.

The wildflowers were beginning to bloom.

Not quite sure what I focused on.
I also caught Chris jumping on the tramp today. Spring in the old house always meant the apricot tree was blossoming and the kids and their friends were hanging out in the yard, jumping on the tramp and playing basketball or Spikeball. I can't wait for grass! I can see one tree way in the back with blossoms. But we are planting more.

Look how much air he gets!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

May Flowers?

I FEAR for my tulips!

Monday, April 09, 2018

Temple Trip

The Jordan River Temple is having an open house. Fun to go with my boys!

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Still Got It!

We've got the tramp back.
And I've still got it!

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Prom and Dog Antics

Dan left early Saturday morning for his Uncle's funeral in Houston. I woke up and sat in bed working on my homework for a bit before I went to let Kershaw out. However, soon I heard a group of voices in the kitchen.

When I went downstairs, Chris and his friends had just arrived with bags of groceries to make a huge breakfast for Prom. Apparently he had asked me in Phoenix and I had totally forgotten. Fortunately the kitchen was pretty clean already, but I hurried to put my stuff away.

Getting breakfast ready!
Meanwhile the boys proceeded to take care of everything else. They got out all the paper products, had bought all the food and were set for a feast. I only advised that they make the bacon on the large griddle (instead of a small pan) and suggested the order they should cook (Bacon now and in the oven to stay warm. Crack and beat the eggs, prepare the pancake mix, then cook after they pick up dates.)

Then I had to leave to pick up Nick from his sleepover and take him to baseball practice. I brought Kershaw and we took a walk while Nick practiced. It started raining, but not so hard to send us running for cover. We walked around a park with a playground and all the little kids were saying, "Oooohhhh! Cute puppy!" It was sweet.

After Nick's practice, we got Jamba Juice and he got a breakfast burrito as well. It was too hot to eat, so he wrapped it back up and put it in the side door pocket while we went in to Dick's Sports to get his cleats and baseball pants.

And we left Kershaw in the car. With the burrito.

When we came back to the car, Kershaw was sitting in back as still as doggedly possible and the burrito wrapper was opened and licked clean in the front seat. We had to laugh. And then we had to go buy Nick another burrito.

When we arrived home, Chris' group had already gone home. And the kitchen was SPOTLESS! Not one dish in the sink, the trash all taken out, food put away, the counters scrubbed clean. Are these amazing boys?!

Chris and Maggie

The crew.
Nick and I went simple for dinner tonight and just ate Costco Japanese frozen noodle packets. I microwaved mine. Nick dumped his in a frying pan and fried 'em up because "they taste better that way." My little chef.

Friday, April 06, 2018

Home Sweet Home

Feels good to be back home. My new writing class started on Wednesday and I'm teaching Sunday so I've plenty I need to do. I was even feeling a bit overwhelmed Tuesday night. BUT, sitting in bed, before turning out the light, I got out a piece of paper and a pen and made a list. Writing everything down always helps me feel better. I made a list, created a schedule, and poof, instead of feeling overwhelmed, felt organized with plenty of time to get everything done if I stayed on track. Which I did. Because it was one of those good kind of days.

Tuesday night we went out to a Jazz game with Nick and his buddy. The Jazz played awesome. It was the first game we've gone to that I actually watched because generally we invite another couple and I end up talking the whole time!

Chris is finishing up ACT Prep which he has been super committed to attending. Baseball and lacrosse have started up for Nick so he's going to be busy with sports. That is if it ever stops raining. Glad we had a warm break in Phoenix. I had to wear my warmest sweater and socks the past few days and Dan and I have had to wear warm pajamas and socks to bed each night. Our bodies were so excited to be warm in Arizona that they are rebelling in Utah and we are freezing!

Friday night we went to Kory's rugby game at Rio Tinto. He's on the first professional Rugby team in Utah! Go Warriors!

Kory on the big screen!