Thursday, October 18, 2018

Bloom Where You Are Planted

In a garden where all the plants have been cut back for fall, this little leaf remains.
Did he bloom late? Did they leave him because he was still thriving?
So much to think about.

And my garden is gone for the season. It's been fantastic.
These cantaloupe got about the size of a softball. Maybe a little bit bigger.
They were ripe today and pretty good!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Shaeffers and Olsens and Dodgers

So happy for these Dodgers Fans! Game 5 was AWESOME!
I even turned it on to watch on TV at the top of the 6th -- perfect timing.

Meanwhile back at home I had the whole day to work on my Book of Mormon reading, journal, walk/jog on a beautiful fall day, read lectures from my Novel 2 class (that I'm taking non-credit so I haven't had to turn in weekly assignments), read my "Assertiveness Guide for Women" book, shred the extra squash and freeze it, and watch some New Girl. Great day! Went by sooo fast!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

CornBelly's 2018

Is the family growing or shrinking?
We are missing Courtney and Marty.
And Parker, Isaac, Millie and Abby's husband Mikey.
But we did gain Chris and Adler's dates as well as Chris's friends, Luke and Jon, and their dates.

But I really love having this tradition.
And the adults went into the Haunted section this time! 
Maybe Eric should be in charge of buying the tickets every year. 
One thing I learned is that it wasn't too scary and instead of feeling nervous, I felt like I needed to make the "haunted actors" feel good about the job they were doing.
"Ooohh that looks really scary!" "Oooh, you startled me!"

Another thing I realized in the "scary clown" haunted house, is I don't like that much stimulation.
Spinny and glow-y and loud horns and screams. Yikes. Brain overload. 
(And still I kept up the "oooh scary!")

Lots of deer in this photo. Some aren't visible, but there were at least four, 
all with antlers, chomping on the trees.
I watched them from the sunroom as I read the Book of Mormon.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Daily Personal Prayer Improvement

For my daily scripture study, I've been working on Preach My Gospel.
(It takes a Long time! There are so many scripture references. But it's awesome!
It's actually a great resource for lessons because of how the scriptures are sorted by topic.)

I try to have meaningful prayers and have many experiences that I feel like I'm truly communicating with God and receiving answers and inspiration.
But its something I've got to work on. Daily prayer when I don't have any particular concerns on my mind is tricky for me. I do it. But it doesn't feel quite like communicating.

It's been on my mind lately, but today I came upon this chart.
It's just what I need to start evaluating how I can improve.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Music and the Spoken Word

Last night we hosted a ward dinner on behalf of the Elders Quorum. Cafe Rio for everyone.
Lots of the men even went in the climbing wall. So funny!
We love being able to have everyone over.

This morning Dan and I attended Music and the Spoken Word with
The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra of Temple Square.
We were so tired we went back to bed after we came home. But I'm glad we went.

Cool thing yesterday... on our walk we met Gordon Bowen. We've walked his ground many times before because we used his landscape architect and landscape designer. But he invited us over to see inside his home. Yes, please! It was beautiful and full of details personal to him and his family.
Quite inspirational, really. His builder was with him and Gordon apologized for what might seem boring since he knew the house inside and out. I said, "You've probably been on this tour hundreds of times!" He responded, "Yes, but never with Gordon giving the tour." 
So it was pretty special! My mind was spinning with thoughts of all the details the rest of the day!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

More on Perimenopause

I skipped two periods and I've felt it my duty to talk to more friends about menopause and their experiences. Brought it up at book club this week. Also with the Young Women's presidency. And texted my sisters. Ha! My book club friends said I should take a pregnancy test just in case. Well that seems a little embarrassing. But I did it and I'm officially not pregnant. My period also started two days later. So 18 months ago I skipped. Glad I documented about it here because I appreciated being able to reference the information I learned then. Now I officially skipped another and almost two but then it came actually 10 days late. I'm committed to documentation for future friends and generations so it doesn't have to be such a mystery!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Fall Tomato Harvest

We went to Porcupine Grill for Family Night. Then the kids (Dan was out of town) helped me pick the rest of the ripe tomatoes. So. Many. Tomatoes! We had quite a few heirlooms that are the size of cantaloupes. (And cantaloupes the size of tomatoes.)

We also tried a variety that were supposed to be green and white striped (I think they were called "zebra tomatoes.") The only problem is I didn't know they were supposed to be green. I was waiting and waiting for them to ripen and didn't suspect until they were super soft but still green. Then I read the tag and figure it out.

Note for next year. Choose more red tomato varieties. The greens and the yellows were pretty. But we didn't have enough good ol' red.

We had a Youth "mystery scripture dinner" Wednesday night and my friend made a delicious spaghetti sauce. I spent Thursday roasting tomatoes and making the sauce. Also canning pear tomato jam. Not sure if we'll ever eat it. But it was a good thing to experiment and learn about "water bath" canning. It was easy.

I just froze the spaghetti sauce in jars because it had a lot of olive oil. And apparently you shouldn't can sauces (water bath) with oil. Peppers, tomatoes and jalapeƱos all from the garden. Yum!