Tuesday, August 07, 2018

A Transfer and a Baptism

Transferring Again! Im off to Yamaguchi, should be really fun and I will be with a really experienced missionary which will be really nice for lessons and stuff!
This week we were able to set a baptismal date with Joseph which was awesome! He seems pretty excited about it! Thanks for all the prayers
So I heard youre going to Pagosa! Have fun! I cant wait to go to Pagosa again! haha
So wish me luck in my transfer again! Sorry emails have been bad lately but Ill try and work on it by next week!
Love Elder Shaeffer

Isn't that the cutest smile in the Whole. Wide. World?!!

Monday, August 06, 2018

Swim Lessons

Nick and Anders are teaching swim lessons this week. They've had a GREAT turnout and are doing a super job! When I hear Nick say to a little kid who has just crossed the pool, "Good job!" He sounds just like Marty did at that age. It's so cute! Makes me miss Marty!

Swim lessons have been a fun way to spend the morning.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

First Day of Young Women's

Sooo happy that it's Fast Sunday so that my brain is on board with not eating. It's getting pretty bad. Sure hoping Dave's herbs work.

Also important, to find just the right font when creating spotlights for the YW. (And figuring out how to add them to my computer.)

Soooo many people are commenting on how good I look. I say thanks, and tell them honestly that I've been doing no sugar and working out consistently since March. I don't add that I've also had c.diff for the last month and haven't been able to eat very much and what I do eat turns to diarrhea. I just feel like they don't need to know that. (Surprisingly I haven't lost that much weight. And I HATE that I haven't been able to do any exercise that I worked so hard to get so strong with!)

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Chris Comes Home!

Dan and Nick were out racing all day. I had my appt. with Dave this afternoon.

He listened to my change in symptoms (from bad to worse). Then took a few minutes to think. I appreciated that. He said, "I think your infection is gone. And now you're having chronic diarrhea and we need to address that directly. After taking Coptis for 2 (3) weeks, it will have killed the infection. Which makes sense for the timing with the change in symptoms." So I'm off the Coptis and now taking Red Raspberry Leaf. I came away feeling so hopeful. That light feeling you get when it just feels right. I asked if I should watch what I'm eating. I told him I already don't eat sugar. But should I avoid gluten. He said he didn't see any reason to.

I was so happy I had a salad for lunch. Which came right through. And then had two banana oatmeal muffins for dinner. Which came right through. Again and again and again. I was pretty miserable. But still hopeful that things would change.

The bright side of today is Chris came home!!! 

It was so fun to go to the airport with the 4 other families and excitedly wait! It was 10:30 at night so the airport was empty. Which I was glad about because it would be embarrassing to be so excited about welcoming home our HEFY kids after three weeks when other parents were welcoming home their missionaries who they hadn't seen in two years!

Christopher's friends all showed up to welcome them home too!

Chris, Luke, McKay and Jake had a wonderful time in Mozambique. They were so happy. (Also a little sick with colds.) And exhausted. In spite of that, Chris answered all our questions on the ride home, told us all about his trip, gave us souvenirs when we got home, and then hung out with his friends until after midnight. Glad to have him home! (I've missed having his friends over too!)

He also came home with a big gash in his head that had to be glued shut at the Portuguese Hospital in Mozambique. Two hours before their last work day ended, a kid lost his grip on his shovel and ended up nailing Chris in the head. 

Thank goodness for glue.

Friday, August 03, 2018

CDiff Update

This has been a bad CDiff week. Sick last Saturday. Sick again on Wednesday and then started going really downhill from there. I called and made a doctor's appointment with my PCP for today and with Dave (Dave's Natural Medicine) tomorrow. By today, every time I eat, I have to make a run for it. Literally within minutes. So it makes eating something to avoid. And getting hungry a curse. Not to mention the hemorrhoid... What?! Not fun.

I met my doctor late afternoon. I asked her if she could help me navigate the naturopathic route -- evaluating my symptoms etc. She said no. (I'd read online on the different c.diff chat groups that many people were getting help from their doctor and naturopathic. So it was worth a try.) She encouraged me to take the antibiotic. I asked her what she thought my symptoms indicated before and what they indicated now that they've changed. She didn't know. She said, "just take the antibiotic." 

I asked which one. I told her there were a few recommended. I loved that she took the time to research with me and answer my questions. We discovered together that one antibiotic (the less effective one) only killed the active infection. But couldn't kill the spores. Which was why it often came back so quickly. She said, "I'll prescribe the other antibiotic." I told her I'd read it was cost prohibitive. So she did the research on that and said, "Yes, it's $3300 for a 10-day dose." But it does kill the spores and active infection. 

She said take the other and then when/if it comes back, the insurance company would probably approve the more expensive one. I said I'd mull it over. I asked what the risks of having aggressive diarrhea were. She said dehydration and contamination. I figured I had those two factors under control. 

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

On the bright side of the day, I had the Mia Maids over for breakfast. We had a great turnout, yummy breakfast burritos and fun conversation. They are darling and I look forward to getting to know them well!

Also, Nick went racing with Dan in the afternoon and had a blast. Dan and I went to the PC Arts Festival in the Evening and I didn't have any issues. Phew.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Last Day of HEFY

This was the last day for Chris in Mozambique. They will start the long trip home 
when they wake up ... 8:00 a.m. their time. Midnight our time.

These photos were so sweet they made me sob. I'm so glad he's had such a good time. 
And I'm missing him and am happy he's coming home soon!

That's the wall they stuccoed!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Any Day Will Do for FHE

We haven't had a real FHE lesson in a while. We have had lots of family togetherness. Even lots of good conversations. Last Thursday when we all got home, as Nick was getting ready for bed, he's the one who said, "Should we do scriptures and prayer?"  

But we haven't had a formal Family Home Evening lesson. It's been nagging at me. 

We didn't do it on Sunday -- I was caught up in my photo project. And we didn't do it on Monday -- Nick had a bunch of friends over swimming, playing hide and seek, video games and a sleepover. Tuesday Dan had Elders Quorum visits. But he was home by 8:30 and Nick was home too. 

As soon as I mentioned to Dan we should have FHE, he was on board. And immediately we thought of discussing Elder Nelson's talk to the youth and what we'd like to do to follow the prophet. When we called Nick to tell him we were going to have FHE, he came without complaining. (It also probably helped to clarify, "We're going to have a short FHE.")

We talked about President Nelson's ask that we take a 7-day fast of social media. Nick had already done this -- he gave up Snapchat for 7 days. He said what he learned was that before the fast, he was in a bunch of streaks with people and was thinking a lot about keeping his streaks. But after the break from Snapchat, he said he lost his streaks and he realized he didn't really care about them. They just simply weren't that important.

We are going to try to remember in Family Prayer to pray for people throughout the world that everyone will have the opportunity to hear the message of the Gospel.

And finally, we discussed what we could give up once a week for three weeks to do something with eternal consequences instead. President Nelson had suggested we pray about it. We should ask in our prayers what we can give up and what we can do instead. And then immediately Nick said, "We should give up sleep and do baptisms."

This is the first summer that Nick has really started sleeping in. Often until 10:00 or later. So giving up sleep is a big deal.

The cool thing is we were able to talk about impressions. And that all good things come from the Lord. So when we have an impression of doing something good, we should act on it. So, it was great that he had such a quick impression and we were glad he spoke up so we could act on it.

Dan has just learned how to Index with FamilySearch, so his idea was that we take an hour and the family gather together with our laptops and index.

That left me. But I didn't have something jump into my head. So I am going to take the next couple of days to pray about it. We will either do two weeks of indexing or baptisms or do an idea I think of. (Or Chris may have an idea -- he'll be home soon!)

Didn't matter that it wasn't Monday. Or Sunday. It's always a good time to have Family Home Evening and talk about truths and things of a spiritual nature with our children. I'm glad I had the impression to have FHE. I'm glad that as soon as we decided to do it, we had an impression of what to discuss. I know it matters. It might seem small. But I think it actually matters more than we can understand.

AND... he's not home but we got this sweet letter from Chris... I miss him!