Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Summer Bucket List Week

We're trying to squeeze all of our summer bucket list to-do's into basically this one week. (Counting a BBQ and swim party with friends last Friday night. You know you're at a new level of friendship when you can say, "if you bring your kids, have them bring friends, because we all know our kids won't be able to think of anything to say to each other, much less hang out together." Which worked great because most people's kids had other plans, including my own.)

Toy Story 4 at the Drive-In last night. I looked back at Nick and his two buddies who were sitting on the LoveSac in the back of the truck and they were all on their phones. Guess they would have preferred to see Spiderman. But what was cute is Nick said, "Is Spiderman showing?" I said, "Yes." And he said, "But you would rather see Toy Story, I guess, so we can see that." What a thoughtful guy!

He submitted his Eagle application yesterday. Yay! And all his merit badges have been sewn on his bandelo. Hip Hip Hooray! Aside from planning his Eagle Court of Honor, my parenting for three boys in scouting is finished!!

Speaking of persistence and dedication, Clara made FOUR baskets today! It took me quite a while to finally make a shot from the free-throw line. But I did it.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

First Try

We took Marty and a couple friends to the lake so he could get a refresher on how to drive the boat and take some friends up on his own next week.

It's been three years since he's surfed and he got up first try. 

I also 1) Got up. 2) Got Marty to take my photo.

We went to Itto's for dinner with Marty, his roommate, and Nick and his friends.

And then sat in the backyard enjoying a perfect evening.
So were these two birds.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Dressing Up

Chris and I were going to Mr. Mac today to buy missionary suits.
This is what he decided to wear shopping.
Actually, first he came down with a bandanna under his hat and I was like, 
And then I made him button up his shirt. 
This kid makes me laugh and roll my eyes so much.

We had Keith and Wendy to dinner tonight. Cool story:
Keith grew up in Clovis, NM moved to California in high school and met a Mormon friend.
He and that friend went to BYU for a semester and Keith said it was the first time he saw kids having fun without getting wasted or drunk. From the beginning he realized that's what he wanted.
He got baptized, went on a mission, moved back to California afterward where he met his wife.
They have four kids (about our kids ages).

While at BYU, Keith was thumbing through a student directory looking to find any other kids from Clovis. That's when he saw Dan's name. And suddenly he remembered, when he was eight years old, Dan invited him to his house to watch a movie and eat popcorn.
The movie was about a kid in the woods with angels. 
Also, two guys in white shirts and ties were at the "movie party."
He realized Dan was a Mormon and that movie was the First Vision.

Dan doesn't remember. EC doesn't remember. But Keith did.

While serving as bishop a few years ago, he had access to a church directory that helped him find Dan and tell him he had become a member of the Church. It was important to him to let Dan know the popcorn and movie experience was his first interaction with the church. 

Dan had called him back a few months ago when he had to speak in Stake Conference leadership meeting. He wanted to share that often we make efforts and missionary work or ministering and we think they aren't important or don't make a difference. But as with Keith, we never know the seeds that are planted and the difference that love and kindness makes.

We loved meeting them and spending the evening together last night. 
And in spite of mentioning how we didn't want to forget, we did forget to take a picture. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

YW/YM Cookout

I was in charge of planning our combined YW/YM activity tonight.
In fact, I've known since January this was my month and since those winter months looked forward to planning an activity up the canyon for a cookout of hot dogs and s'mores.

Tuesday, July 09, 2019


Feels so good to be home. 
Yesterday I had all day to get things done, and I REALLY like getting things done.
But man, the last two days have gone fast.

Today when I was with Clara, we went to the rec center to walk around the track 
(over 80 and their assistants get in free!)

We watched a boy playing basketball and she had a hankering to try to shoot a basket. We asked if he'd be willing to let us use his ball. He was so patient as Clara tried again and again. 
First an air ball, then it touched the net, then one time even hit the rim. 
Finally she said, "One more time." And guess what?! It went in!

Sunday, July 07, 2019

And Finally... Outings

Antelope Marina to find the rope swing and get ice cream.

Sharing shoes with those who forgot to bring some...
Each person wore one and they hopped into the shade! Good idea, Dan!

Cliff Jumping in Face Creek...

Goodbye, Lake Powell! We've loved every minute!

On the Boat

Our Captain...

We took a picnic and spent the day on the boat, exploring canyons, 
cliff jumping and playing all day on the 4th.

Everyone wore their tie-dye shirts on the 5th to Antelope Marina

Patiently waiting for turns...

Cute kids...

Silly kid...