Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Goal Accomplished

I ran 35 minutes today and accomplished my goal of working up to a 5K! 
Yay me!
I actually looked forward to running each day because the app, my new headphones
and the beautiful scenery made it so fun. 

The App sent this to me -- I did not make myself my own certificate to commemorate.
That would be going too far, even for me!

Seriously, I just can't get enough of Fall when I'm surrounded by all these trees!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Dreams Coming True

We fell in love with our new property because of the trees, the forest behind it, the river and all the space to explore and let our imaginations roam.

Right now I can't get over how wonderful the streets covered in leaves are. I wouldn't let Dan sweep the driveway because I wanted the leaves there. 
Unfortunately the workers cleaned them up.
Fortunately 45 minutes after they were done, the driveway was covered again!
It's so beautiful!

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Did I ever mention that I got a "B" on my British Lit final and a B in the class? I feel really good about it! I decided not to sign up for another class yet because life is still pretty busy with house stuff.

And, with my new calling as Relief Society teacher, I have quite a bit of other studying to do... Studying for my lessons and also studying to learn to be a better teacher. So I made it a priority this week to spend all my extra time studying and reading the following: Teaching, No Greater Call cover-to-cover; Every Member a Missionary, by Clayton Christensen; "Teaching The Savior's Way"; the scriptures, of course; and beginning "Preach My Gospel." I also started "Sisters in My Gospel," but I didn't really love it.

Some things that jumped out at me specifically are to be more humble as I teach, (which, quite frankly, comes quite easily after a couple of lessons that I didn't feel that great about); initiate discussion so we can teach each other rather than me trying to "impart knowledge"; and be more prepared with a better closing and testimony.

One difficult obstacle is that I don't know the sisters that well since I'm new. But as I studied, I decided I needed to work harder to get to know everyone and even though it's a Relief Society class of many sisters, consider the class "my class" and do everything in my power to get to know everyone, learn about their strengths and gifts and love them. Fortunately Enrichment night was Tuesday, so I made it a priority to go to that and Saturday I hosted dinner group at our home, even though I considered taking a pass since we were new.

But I'm so glad I did both. It was a fun evening at enrichment getting to know some more people and enjoying the company of those I already know. And Saturday night dinner group was wonderful. Three married couples came, a single sister, an older woman who I met at Enrichment and invited, my friend whose husband was working that night, Aunt Marge and Dan and I. We had a lot of fun and several of us didn't know some of the others so we were all getting acquainted better.

The next day I taught and felt like my lesson was received much better. Lots of discussion and comments. I felt better about it and most of all felt like I'm making more friends in our ward.

Friday, October 13, 2017


Pots are planted 
and pumpkins are placed.
Spooks are hanging
and webs are spun.
Nick is happy
we set the porch.
It's time for Halloween!

Monday, October 09, 2017

Cornbelly's Tradition

Cornbelly's with the Rigby's is our ultimate October tradition! However, while their family keeps getting bigger, ours is shrinking! We're glad we have so much fun being together!

Chris and Adler invited dates this year! Parker was missing Marty but had fun hanging out with the parents. Abby is now married to Mikey who she was just beginning to date last year. And this year Millie brought a friend because last year she was a little bored with just the Moms and Dads.


Wednesday, October 04, 2017


Life around the house...

I poured a bowl of cereal but then soon after the doorbell rang. I answered and talked for a few minutes, but when I came back, I couldn't find my cereal anywhere. I looked around the kitchen and in the butler's pantry. I retraced my step to the door. Where had I put it down? 

I came back to the kitchen and looked around.
 Found my bowl on the floor licked completely clean.
Dang dog!

Kershaw also decimated his stuffed animal. 

Nick spent a Saturday helping at the diabetes walk and fair. He got to keep all the leftover slime prizes which made for a fun afternoon activity.

View from carpool. Beautiful light is full of spirituality for me.

 Morgan's diving meet -- BYU vs. Utah
It was so fun to get to watch her dive in person! She's beautiful!
Brent was in town and brought his Dad. Diane came with Dan and I. 
Then dinner at Litza's Pizza. A perfect evening.

Garden view from the window. Heidi at work in her garden hat.

Our sunroom. It's dreamy!

As you walk in from the garage. Or a place to wait for mom to drive you somewhere.


Sunday, October 01, 2017

Conference Soup

I love Conference Sunday. I love that we can watch in the Family Room where it's light rather than in our old dungeon basement.  I loved that after Elder Callister's talk on the proofs of the Book of Mormon, Nick said, "That was a great talk!" I loved Elder Hallstrom's talk. It shed light on a question I've been struggling with and keep receiving little bits of truth as I've continued pondering and searching for answers... "Do we have the Faith NOT to be healed?" I loved Elder Zwick's talk of looking at others with the eyes of the Savior. And reminding us to look at the whole picture before giving counsel or making judgments.

I love watching conference with my journal -- taking notes of statements that jump out at me. I star comments I want to look at later. I make a note on the side of ideas for FHE lessons. I don't always refer back. Sadly, it's true. But the information is recorded for me when I look for it. And if I didn't have all the FHE lessons I hoped for on the topics that jumped out at me, in 6 months I can try again.

Conference Soup is our tradition we copied from the Lunt family. Michelle invited us all over when we were just married and made her mom's conference soup. We've had it every conference every since! I've sort of cheated in past years and used a tortilla soup base. I think I'll try something different for a base next time.

This Sunday, in addition to Aunt Marge, we had Kay and Chuck, JD, Clark and JD's friend (girl...friend!) join us. It was fantastic to gather around the dining room table with room for everyone to gather and talk. Alas, no photos!