Saturday, May 26, 2018

School's Out!

Yesterday Nick and Chris both only went to school for a few minutes to collect their refunds. Remember when $10 was SO awesome and everyone walked down to McDonald's after Jr. High to get lunch and the last day of school was so exciting? Well they still get $10 but it's not quite as exciting. I guess because they walk around to get lunch every Friday after early day.

We thought it would be fun to grill burgers for dinner to celebrate the last day. Nick said he'd invite some friends over, but none could come. But fortunately Miles called and came up in the evening. And Chris had his friends over who originally said they weren't too hungry but then all the burgers disappeared. So it felt like a party.

What is cut off in this photo is Chris doing an incredible side backflip on the tramp. Also he's wearing his pink romper.
Sorry you can't see it. Wait. Actually my friend sent me a photo a few weeks ago...
And in only the few weeks that the slack line has been up, so many kids are getting to the end of it! I'm wondering if Chris will be doing tricks on it soon.

Today was so nice we wanted to grill again, so Dan and I bought a cheap fire pit from Costco, and we built a fire in the forest (behind our house) and roasted hot dogs on sticks. Hot dogs, corn on the cob, watermelon, and chips and guac. Totally feels like summer.

 Also Chris said he didn't realize our property went back that far. (Must have felt like one of those dreams where you're like, "where does this door go?" and you find out you have a whole big portion of your house you never even knew was there.

Aren't they nice to pose when I asked for a photo?! Love these boys.
Here it is. The romper. He's so dang cute!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Preach My Gospel

Since the beginning of his mission, Marty has been asking us to read Preach My Gospel. Now that I'm finally done with the Old Testament, I began PMG in earnest. I've read parts before, but this time I started at the beginning with the intent to really study. I was only a few pages in when I realized I needed my highlighters so I could mark it with my system: yellow = wisdom; red = doctrine; green = personal. Those are the colors I use most.

Quite a bit of PMG relates to parenting. Which makes sense, because one of my biggest responsibilities is to teach the gospel to my children. And teaching in a way each different child responds to takes listening to the spirit for guidance. I'm basically a missionary in my own home.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Scripture Power

Today I finished the Old Testament! It has been a long challenge to study the whole thing start to finish and include the Institute study guide throughout so I could understand it better. I think I started about the time Marty left on his mission. Or maybe even when he left to college.

There were times in my reading that I thought, "I don't even like this." There were times I was confused and my readings seemed meaningless, but then I read the study guide and came away with "Wow! That makes a lot more sense!" And other times my readings were just what I needed in my life. I was so inspired or my mind was opened and a seemingly random verse or chapter from 2000 years ago was totally applicable to my life today. I received answers, understanding and impressions.

I didn't use my colored marking system, but just underlined important parts with a pen and tried to write some helpful facts from the study guide in the margins. I wish I'd used my colored system because I feel like then I would never have to read it again start to finish. But without the markings, it feels less personal and I want to have it personalized like my Book of Mormon. Its probably a good thing to have a reason to go back and do it again. Not soon, however. It's like having a baby. Hard. And something I don't want to do again for a while.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Counting Down to Summer

I am making lists and jotting down ideas of what I'd like to do this summer.
Morning prayer, meditation, scriptures, exercise.
A hike once a week. A long bike once a week.
Boating one evening a week. Deer Valley Symphony.
Another writing class...

I keep asking the boys what they'd like to do this summer. 
Summer to them isn't about planning like it is for me. (Part of the fun of it for me.)
But we do have things we all want to do like:
Bees Games, Drive-In, Hammocking & Hot Dogs in the Canyon,
campout at the spruces, boating, kayaking with the Wingers at Tibble Fork,
Maybe a hike to Timpanogos Cave? Baptisms.

Nick has BYU lacrosse camp, a couple weeks of tennis, Scout 50-miler,
neighborhood lacrosse camps and is teaching swim lessons with a friend for a couple of weeks when our pool gets done. (So fun that he and his friend came up with this idea!)

Chris is going to Mozambique with HEFY for three weeks.
Aside from that he just wants to hang out. Hopefully that includes working some as well.

Speaking of working, I am making a list of chores for the boys as well.
And my projects include organizing the books/papers/loose photos in my office
and putting photos in all the empty frames throughout our home.

We are all looking forward to a summer where we will be home more and not traveling as much as last summer. Which also included moving and moving in. 
AND swimming in our new pool!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Thursday Nick had a baseball game right after school and a lacrosse game right after that! 
Great win at the baseball game and a blowout loss at lacrosse. 
It was freezing! The weather is so crazy this time of year!
Friday he had another baseball game and Saturday he volunteered with the Stake Youth pulling spent tulip bulbs in the morning, Go Karts with the Rigby and Dan & Chris at Larry Miller RaceTrack in the late morning and his final lacrosse game in the afternoon! 

And then when we got home at 3 p.m. I gently reminded him it was his day to mow the lawn!
He is so obedient he didn't even complain, even if he did sigh deeply!

Chris and Dan spent the day at the track racing their real cars. 
Chris got to drive the Mustang because there was a problem with the tires of the BMW, so Dan swapped him. Chris was nervous at first because its so powerful, but then he got comfortable and LOVED it! (They ride with an instructor who told Chris he was doing awesome at handling it!)
Dan reported his smile stretched from ear to ear. 
And when Dan and Chris were retelling me the story, Chris' smile stretched just that far again.
Look at these boys all swinging together! And the clouds! 
Nick and Will at the track.
Could you get a more beautiful backdrop? Nick is on the front row, 2nd from the right.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Player of the Game

Nick made an awesome catch in left field. Then in another inning at 3rd base he made an amazing snag even though the catcher overthrew the ball. Got put in to replace the pitcher and closed out the inning. Then up at bat hit a true double way over the right-fielder's head. It was amazing!

They lost the game, but when they were giving their cheer the coaches asked the team, "What do you want to say?" (Usually "1, 2, Hillcrest!" or something like that) and one of the players said, "1, 2, Nick!" Ha, ha! Remember that great feeling when you've made your team proud?
And yet, he wouldn't give me a real smile!

Today Nick got an award at the Awards Assembly for being a strong student in College and Career Awareness.

Although this smile is pretty cute!
And what's been going on with Chris? He rode the Vespa to school today (feels like summer!) and is going rock-climbing almost every evening. Last night he went racing with our bishop. Kind of a cool thing they have in common. More racing this weekend. Friday and Saturday for Dan and Saturday for Chris. Nick may go on Saturday if they've have a go-Karts session.

Last weekend Chris caught two fish on the trip with Dan. He had a great time. 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day with Marty (2)

Marty needs his own post!

We get a laugh that Marty still uses his old gaming handle "Nightwielder."