Thursday, April 30, 2009


Nick: If I saw a shooting star, I would wish for a giant ice cream cone standing up in the middle of our yard.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Right Arm

I lost my Sudoku book in St. George. It would be okay if it was just a book of puzzles; but what starts out as merely a challenging activity book that takes my mind out of the world for an hour while I happily figure out solutions to problems That Can Be Solved, over many months turns into my personal history. As I figure out number answers, I'm also scrawling out life answers on the same page... Lists of things to do. Dinner menus. Potential primary teachers. Daily planner. Things to remember. Notes of things to blog about. Notes of things to journal about. People to call. Books to read. Scheduling of events for children. Somewhere in St. George my Sudoku book got lost and now my journal is in the trash. I miss it.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Vacation Day

As an act of submission to the HORRIBLE WEATHER and in an effort to regain some sanity, I laid on my bed and read two books most of the day. I had the house to myself for two hours after dropping Nick off at preschool. It was deliciously quiet and I wonder if anyone can appreciate being alone more than a mom can?!

I traded off between "Lady's Hands, Lion's Heart; A Midwife's Saga" by Carol Leonard and "Espresso Tales" by Alexander McCall Smith. I'm a huge fan of Smith and the #1 Ladies Detective Agency Series as well as 44 Scotland Series. They're just reliably good stories -- fun, conversational dialogue and interesting characters. The Midwife Saga was her autobiography of becoming a midwife after her frustrating hospital birth experience and hundreds of stories of helping women in their home births as well as her crusade to have midwifery accepted and legalized in the State of New Hampshire. The stories are beautiful and seriously made me wish I could enjoy the excitement of having another baby.

I picked up Nick and friend from school and soon after Courtney and many friends came over. The quiet afternoon came to an abrupt end. BUT the two big boys went to birthday parties and Nick's friend wanted to go home. As we were walking out the door, another of Nick's friends asked if he could play. Yes! With all the boys gone, the girls took over the kitchen/public places, so I retreated to my room for more reading/relaxing time. I finished both books, ordered pizza for the friends and fam and then finally had a shower at 5:30.

A good day!