Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Un-Mom Like"

My friend, Betsy, just posted a page on her blog of all the decidedly "un-mom like" things she does. Here are mine to add to the list:
1. I love to eat ice-cream with a spoon right out of the pint.
2. I still climb on the counters when I need to reach something on the top shelf instead of using a chair.
3. I love to play Ms. Pac Man and sometimes I sneak and play on Sundays.
4. I don't mind going out without make-up.
5. When I burp, I laugh instead of saying, "excuse me."
6. I love to take naps and I'm not very good at waking up early.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Summer Photos

Nicholas LOVES tractors and trucks! His first words this summer were "Truck!" "Mom! Truck!" Having read the book about trucks and tractors about a million times, now I'm an expert on rubber-tired backhoes and such!

Christopher LOVES making forts! We've got the best couches for the job with lots of pillows to stack. Some day I hope my kids say, "Thanks, Mom for letting us destroy the couches and for realizing that forts are much more important than a put-together house."

Marty in football attire, sans the shoulder pads and helmet. The first day of practice I had to call his 9-year-old friend over to help me figure out how to put all the pads in the pants and everything. Now I'm a pro!

Courtney took an acting class this summer. One of the days they got to be clowns and design their own clown faces. Her clown name is "knick-knack."

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I've Been Inspired

I've been reading my friend, Katie's, blog about their experiences in Vietnam adopting their daughter. I've enjoyed checking in so much that I was inspired to write more on my own blog. However...I couldn't remember my username, e-mail I logged in with or password and after trying all the possibilities I could think of, I realized I'd have to start under a new name. What a bummer because I was so happy with how my last one was turning out! That's what I get for using super-secret e-mail addresses so that my real one didn't get inundated with spam!!

So a whole year has passed since I started my last blog! This year starts off with my stint as PTA President. School Registration was today, so for the past two weeks I could be found sitting at my computer creating Volunteer Sign-Up sheets, Classroom Volunteer Sign-Ups, Registration forms from Birthday Books to T-Shirt Orders and lists and lists and lists of everything that needs to be done! So everyone knows I'm totally in my element!!! :-)

3 days later...
Now it's Sunday which leaves a little time in the afternoon to get back the blog! ANYWAY... We are in the last week of summer and it's gone too fast!! I need two more months to do all the fun things I had wanted to do with our family! But even though we didn't do all the things I thought sounded fun in June, we did do lots fun things...
Courtney went to Minnesota environmental camp with her best friend and cousin, Kay, and Gram. We all enjoyed a week-long WONDERFUL family reunion with Dan's family in celebration of Papa's 75th birthday and Nanny's 100th birthday (even though she passed away several years ago). Marty made the All-Stars in baseball and we spent day after day at exciting games -- many with breath-taking wins and a few disappointing losses -- but shared with many new friends and best of all, Dad as one of the coaches! Dan went salmon fishing in British Colombia with his Dad and brothers for one week and enjoyed amazing scenery and one-on-one time with the men in his family. We finished our fence so Nicholas could enjoy the freedom of running unsupervised around our yard with the big kids! Christopher went to his final summer of preschool camp and was promoted from Yellow to Orange belt in Tae Kwon Do. I enjoyed two outdoor symphony concerts in the mountains with Dan and good friends. I also enjoyed fun rides on my road bike.

In between all of this was swimming at the pool, playing on the slip and slide, miniature golf, a hike to Timpanogos cave, Rachel visiting for two weeks, summer picnics and barbeques, piano recitals, soccer camp, football camp, tennis lessons, summer school, scooter rides, bike rides, and sno-cones!

How fast the time goes!