Friday, August 25, 2006

Summer Photos

Nicholas LOVES tractors and trucks! His first words this summer were "Truck!" "Mom! Truck!" Having read the book about trucks and tractors about a million times, now I'm an expert on rubber-tired backhoes and such!

Christopher LOVES making forts! We've got the best couches for the job with lots of pillows to stack. Some day I hope my kids say, "Thanks, Mom for letting us destroy the couches and for realizing that forts are much more important than a put-together house."

Marty in football attire, sans the shoulder pads and helmet. The first day of practice I had to call his 9-year-old friend over to help me figure out how to put all the pads in the pants and everything. Now I'm a pro!

Courtney took an acting class this summer. One of the days they got to be clowns and design their own clown faces. Her clown name is "knick-knack."

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