Friday, December 21, 2012

Poinsettia Bowl

I REALLY don't think BYU deserved to go to a bowl game this year; BUT, what a great excuse to fly to San Diego and spend a night with some of our best friends! 
Whenever we're together we laugh so hard it hurts.

We scored great tickets, but were on the San Diego side 
and the people sitting around us weren't too happy to see us. 
However, we are mellow BYU fans, especially when not much happened 
for 3 quarters of the game. 
All the better because Me, Tiff and Phyllis could talk and laugh and weren't missing anything happening in the game. (Not that it would have mattered. I see sporting events as an opportunity to go out with friends, talk, laugh and eat sporting food--like kettle corn.)

Riding the train from Old Town to the game.
Marty babysat. And he did great! We left after the kids went to school and we were able to see Nick's Christmas program. Then, the big kids didn't have school the next day, but Nick did. Courtney's friend Christmas sleepover was that night so Marty offered to babysit instead. Before he got up, Chris was already helping Nick get ready for school. We were home at lunchtime. Not sure the kids even noticed we were gone!

I'm so grateful for friends who know us so well. 
We've done BYU, Business School (not the same school, however), 
Investment Banking and New York together.  
Babies, long nights when husbands are working NY hours, 
fun trips, kids growing up and lots of laughs over the last 20 years. 
Love you guys!!!