Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today when I got home from witnessing the accident and was jittery and close to tears, I called Dan so he could listen and sympathize with the tragedy. (Plus I'm a bike rider and he would worry that something like that could happen to me and then I'd reassure him that I wear my ID tag so at least I can be ID'd if I do get in an accident and am incoherent.)

Our conversation:
Me: Guess what?
Dan: (Lots of background noise) What?
Me: Today I saw these two bikers...
Dan: (Lots of background noise) What? Sorry, I can't hear you.
Me: TODAY I saw these two bikers riding right in front of me and the guy skidded out and his bike hit the lady's bike and they slammed together and she flew off and landed right on her head...
Dan: Hold on... Sorry. I'm at Zupa's. The E&Y guy was sick and canceled our lunch meeting so we had to go out and grab a bite for lunch.
Me: Oh.
Dan: I'm with Chad.
Me: Oh.
Dan: So what happened? A guy and lady crashed into each other?
Me: Yes! They totally crashed into each other and she landed on her head and couldn't move and I was the first on the scene with these two teenagers and we had to call 9-1-1...
Dan: ...I'll have a half turkey sandwich and cup of soup. Oh, and one of those...
Me: Hmmmmmph.
Dan: Oh man... so there was a crash! That sucks! Hey, I gotta go. My lunch is ready! Have a great day!
Me: Yeah...

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Like Mother Like Daughter

Nancy, about age 3

My favorite photo of me and my mom. I love her smile looking at me and I love how I want to touch her face.

Nancy in Petra

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
Not too long ago my mom was in town. Whenever she's here she loves to spend time with her kids and grandkids. I tell her everything we've got going on and she comes to whatever she can.
She's a good listener and I found myself talking to her non-stop for what was probably several hours. Telling her everything that was interesting to me or funny. The thoughts I'd had lately or concerns I wanted advice for. Telling her about my kids achievements, successes and disappointments and the things they said or did that made us smile. Telling her about my achievements and disappointments or the funny things I'd said. (And she's so good at making you feel good! "Oh, Angela! You're so funny!" she says. She laughs at all the right places!)
I realized later I was like a kid all over again saying,
"Watch me, Mom! Look at Me, Mom! Mom, listen to this!"

I wonder if the need ever goes away to have someone to love you like your mother does?
Someone who you can talk and talk and talk to and she listens and laughs and validates and celebrates success and cries with disappointments or encourages you to keep trying.

I asked my family if they could think of things my mom always says. Dan replied instantly, "Always something positive." (Of course I'd already written that down!)
What are some of the things my mom did that I do now that I'm a mom?
Read to my kids every night before bed.
Each of our kids learns an instrument and practices every day.
100% Whole Wheat Bread
Natural Peanut Butter
Read the labels on food items.
Fruits or Vegetables at every meal.
High priority on PBS Kids TV.
Not too worried about shoes or socks when out and about.
Loading the dishwasher in a very organized manner.
Singing out loud (potentially embarrassing my kids, but knowing they'll get over it -- I did!)

Quotes from My Mom--the Wisdom of Nancy Marie DaVinci Reagan
(Yes, that is her legal name. But that story is for a different time!)Nancy on donkey in Petra

"Just 10 more minutes of study is the difference between a 'B' and an 'A.'"
"Think Positive!"
"Practice one measure at a time. Do it 10 times until it's perfect. Then go on to the next measure and practice it 10 times."
"Our family memorizes their talks."
"You'll be happy you took pictures!"
"You'll be happy you wrote it down."
"You'll be happy you practiced so much."
"You'll be happy you studied so hard."
"You need to write that down." (When something good happens or something funny is said.)

How to Treat Others:

"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!"
"Life is like a boomerang; whatever you say about someone else--good or bad--will always come back to you."

Health & Nutrition:

"Sugar rots your teeth, makes you fat and ruins your brain."
"So what if it says it's 'natural'?! Gasoline is natural! Would you drink gasoline?" (On being careful of what advertising tells you.)
"Too much TV rots your brain." (Specifically applied to cartoons, I think. PBS was okay!)
Teaching with Song:
"When we're helping we're happy and we sing as we go!"
"Let us Oft Speak Kind Words to Each Other!"

Family Life:
"I'll wash the dishes if you keep bringing them to me."
"What I want for Mother's Day is a card that you made."
"My kids are smart, kind, beautiful, wonderful... They're amazing. They really are."
"I have the best kids in the world. I'm not just biased. I really do!"
"I have the cutest grandchildren in the world. I'm not just biased. I really do!"
"Make sure you're in some of the pictures--not just behind the camera all the time."
"Where is my brown brush?!!"
"The first 6 weeks after having a baby your main priority is to nurse it and bond. Enjoy it! Try not to worry about anything else."Love you, Mom!

Hit By a Bat

Yesterday at the baseball tournament Marty got whacked in the jaw by a bat. Broken nose and now this.

Courtney got her driver's learner's permit this week so we're going out driving this afternoon. Marty's not coming. He's a little afraid of what might happen next.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

They've Got My Back

Great 20 mile bike ride this morning with friends! My first "group" ride--the weather was great, the hills were hard but I made it, and the group helped push me to ride stronger. So fun!

Came home and was gabbing on the phone with Suzy making summer plans for kids and chatting about life. Ignored the two phone calls that came in on call waiting but could hear my cell phone ringing too. A few minutes later I thought I'd better check to see who's trying to track me down.

Uh, oh, it was the school. Hmmm...I always immediately think of the time Courtney broke her arm at school in Kindergarten. Or the time Marty needed stitches after recess in 2nd grade. Or the time Christopher got hit in the nose and needed mom to check it out last year.

This time it was Marty. He was playing basketball at recess and got knocked in the nose -- they said it looked broken. Generally, if it looks broken, it is broken.

I ran to get my shoes, and my doorbell started ringing over and over...I ran to the door and it was Michelle, fellow bike rider and co-PTA Pres who happened to be at the school... "You weren't answering your phone! I came to see if you were home! You've got to come, Marty broke his nose!"

Then my phone started ringing. "It's Suzy! Kate just called me, Marty broke his nose!" (Apparently when the kids in Marty's class heard his parents couldn't be reached, Kate said, "I'll call my mom, she might know where Angela is!" Smart girl, I was sitting chatting on the phone with her mom ignoring my call waiting! AND Dan ignored the call because he didn't recognize the area code. All of our school district has a completely different area code than the rest of Utah. Go figure.)

Our wonderful school secretaries pinch hit as school nurses -- and do a great job! Marty was lying down in the sick room, cleaned up, with an ice pack on his face -- as brave and calm as ever. One second after me Suzy showed up with names and numbers of ENT's (her son's has had more than his fair share of ENT visits and surgeries) and offers to help get kids places or whatever I needed.

My friend Steph was also calling to see if her husband could help us get into a doctor sooner. Diane called to see if she could drive Chris up to his baseball game. Suzy took Nick and offered to grab any other kids/carpools I needed help with as I attended to Marty.

These are my friends! They are the greatest and I'm so appreciative to have them in my life! So glad knowing I've got so many ladies that have got my back when I need it!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

No Soliciting

No, I don't want to seem unfriendly. But this same trait keeps me smiling and asking questions and being oh, so kind to the strangers who persistently come knocking on my door wanting me to support them in their selling ventures -- magazines, cleaning products, knit hats. "Don't need any of these products?! No problem! You can still help the seller by purchasing products and donating them to an organization that does need them!"

I've stopped buying but I can't find a QUICK way to extricate myself from the LONG listening and nodding and smiling until I can say, "No, thank you!" I did have a handwritten "No soliciting" sign stuck to the door jam with blue painters tape up for months. Didn't bother me and helped keep the solicitors away, but everyone commented on it which makes me think it was unattractive. (Yea? You think so?)

Talked to my friend Angie of "jamjewelrydesigns" and she created this cute alternative for me! And she even gave it to me for free because she's going to use my idea! I think everyone should have one...but I promise I won't come selling door-to-door! If you think you should have one too, follow this link to her etsy site!