Wednesday, May 05, 2010

They've Got My Back

Great 20 mile bike ride this morning with friends! My first "group" ride--the weather was great, the hills were hard but I made it, and the group helped push me to ride stronger. So fun!

Came home and was gabbing on the phone with Suzy making summer plans for kids and chatting about life. Ignored the two phone calls that came in on call waiting but could hear my cell phone ringing too. A few minutes later I thought I'd better check to see who's trying to track me down.

Uh, oh, it was the school. Hmmm...I always immediately think of the time Courtney broke her arm at school in Kindergarten. Or the time Marty needed stitches after recess in 2nd grade. Or the time Christopher got hit in the nose and needed mom to check it out last year.

This time it was Marty. He was playing basketball at recess and got knocked in the nose -- they said it looked broken. Generally, if it looks broken, it is broken.

I ran to get my shoes, and my doorbell started ringing over and over...I ran to the door and it was Michelle, fellow bike rider and co-PTA Pres who happened to be at the school... "You weren't answering your phone! I came to see if you were home! You've got to come, Marty broke his nose!"

Then my phone started ringing. "It's Suzy! Kate just called me, Marty broke his nose!" (Apparently when the kids in Marty's class heard his parents couldn't be reached, Kate said, "I'll call my mom, she might know where Angela is!" Smart girl, I was sitting chatting on the phone with her mom ignoring my call waiting! AND Dan ignored the call because he didn't recognize the area code. All of our school district has a completely different area code than the rest of Utah. Go figure.)

Our wonderful school secretaries pinch hit as school nurses -- and do a great job! Marty was lying down in the sick room, cleaned up, with an ice pack on his face -- as brave and calm as ever. One second after me Suzy showed up with names and numbers of ENT's (her son's has had more than his fair share of ENT visits and surgeries) and offers to help get kids places or whatever I needed.

My friend Steph was also calling to see if her husband could help us get into a doctor sooner. Diane called to see if she could drive Chris up to his baseball game. Suzy took Nick and offered to grab any other kids/carpools I needed help with as I attended to Marty.

These are my friends! They are the greatest and I'm so appreciative to have them in my life! So glad knowing I've got so many ladies that have got my back when I need it!


Tiffany said...

Ouch! How is Marty doing? Poor guy!

Julie said...

Poor Marty! Did you make it to Goldilocks?