Thursday, January 24, 2013

Graeme Base and Pretty Hair

I recently presented the author/illustrator, Graeme Base, in Nicholas' class. I LOVE Graeme Base because he puts hidden pictures and sometimes puzzles in his books.  He's a fabulous illustrator and a great writer as well.

I had so much fun presenting in Nicholas' class! The kids riveted!

Here were some of my favorite thank you letters I received from the kids:

Not just the date, but the time too!
Aaaahhh! 2nd graders!

And here's my favorite:

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


After an all-night flight, we arrived home and hurried the kids off to school.
The snow is still where we left it. Our icicle got even longer. 

And yet, it's good to be home!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Last Day

Sadly, all good things must end. And Monday we were going home. 
Fortunately we didn't have to check out until 5:30 so we had all day for more fun! 

We started out celebrating E.C.'s 77th birthday! Isn't she gorgeous?
After breakfast, we followed our same routine as the other days -- 
first head to the beach for playing in the waves and building sand castles. 
I sat in my chair and read. 

When the wind picked up we all moved up to the pool. 
I read some more. 
The boys got tired after a while and went back to the room to change. 
We ordered lunch by the pool and read some more. 
The boys went to play pool and ping pong and 
Dan and Marty worked out in the gym and went to the spa. 
Courtney and I continued to sit by the pool and read. 
It was heavenly. 

Happy Birthday!
Gram doesn't want to miss out on the fun with the kids in the waves!

Goodbye poolside Pina Coladas! We will miss you!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday In Maui

The ward in Kihei is always full of visitors and we generally know 1 or 2. 
Such a small world! We love how our kids don't even complain 
(knock on wood) when we go to church on vacation
 because it's become something they know we do. (Just Sacrament Meeting.) 
We started when Nicholas was about 1. So it's been 7 years. Not sure if they remember a time when we didn't go to church while on vacation!

After church we headed to Iao Valley State Park. 
The green, dense rain forest is quite a contrast 
to the dry part of the island in Wailea. 
(Although with all those palm trees and flowering plants, Wailea is not exactly the desert!)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Another Day at the Beach

We just hung out at the beach again today. In the late afternoon we headed over to 
Mama's Fish House for dinner. A favorite!

We headed up early to Mama's Fish House and Ho'okipa Beach to see 
the huge waves and hopefully some surfers.

The kids all scrambled down a small cliff to take photos on the beach. 
Of course that put me in a panic. 
There were other families playing on the beach but 
visions of them getting swept to sea made me nervous! 
Fortunately I could say I didn't want them to get sandy before dinner 
and they needed to come back to dry land!

Cute photos though!


Friday, January 18, 2013


Last year we were in Hawaii for a work retreat. 
We took an amazing whale watch tour on a beautiful sailboat, "Island Star."
 The whales were so amazing and the sail was so fun 
that we decided to come back the next year with our kids. 
(It's always hard to believe that a year has passed!)  
We convinced Dan's parents to come along on our Hawaii trip too. 
So glad they did!!

Getting ready to set sail!

Nick kinda fell in love with sailing and whales!

Whales were spouting and jumping and slapping their tails! 
Several times 2 or three of them would surface right by our boat. 
It was thrilling every time! Sadly, no photos do it justice.
Our captain put a microphone in the water and we could hear them singing. It was beautiful! 
Could have spent all day every day out on the boat!
Maybe we will next time.
If only we could capture how amazing it was to see the whales so close!
Tunnel through the middle of the Aquarium -- tiger shark, hammerhead shark, great white sharks, sting rays and a variety of fish!
Amazing Shaved Ice!
After our morning on the boat and visiting the aquarium, back to the beach!

With her tray and her blanket, Gram looked like she was lying in at a hospital! She realized the Four Seasons wouldn't be such a bad place as a retirement home!
Shaeffers were here!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hawaii -- Welcome To Sunshine!

It was so awesome to ditch the Utah inversion and head to warmer weather! I've been sick -- got the flu on Christmas Eve and it lasted 10 days. 
After it cycled through the rest of the family, I got a cold on the flip side! What?! 
I rarely get sick and when I do it doesn't last long. 
So to be sick for so long Sucked! Big time!  

Fortunately, by the time we flew out to Hawaii I was feeling better, just had a runny or stuffy nose, changing from minute to minute.  Had to use my Scuba Diving skills to unplug my ears on descent! Seriously was deaf for a few minutes!

But enough of that... Because there's this...
Courtney, Gram and the Pacific Ocean

Here we come!

All Smiles!
Dan and his Dad talk shop.

Marty tries the Paddle Board!
Courtney and her camera.

So Happy Together!

It's going to be good...
We were here!
Nicholas was so excited to get a lei!
Seriously? Who brings their Physics homework to Hawaii? And actually Does It?

Love that my kids play Rummikub with me (although this was the worst game ever--Courtney never got 50 pts. to start!)
Beautiful end to a beautiful day!