Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hawaii -- Welcome To Sunshine!

It was so awesome to ditch the Utah inversion and head to warmer weather! I've been sick -- got the flu on Christmas Eve and it lasted 10 days. 
After it cycled through the rest of the family, I got a cold on the flip side! What?! 
I rarely get sick and when I do it doesn't last long. 
So to be sick for so long Sucked! Big time!  

Fortunately, by the time we flew out to Hawaii I was feeling better, just had a runny or stuffy nose, changing from minute to minute.  Had to use my Scuba Diving skills to unplug my ears on descent! Seriously was deaf for a few minutes!

But enough of that... Because there's this...
Courtney, Gram and the Pacific Ocean

Here we come!

All Smiles!
Dan and his Dad talk shop.

Marty tries the Paddle Board!
Courtney and her camera.

So Happy Together!

It's going to be good...
We were here!
Nicholas was so excited to get a lei!
Seriously? Who brings their Physics homework to Hawaii? And actually Does It?

Love that my kids play Rummikub with me (although this was the worst game ever--Courtney never got 50 pts. to start!)
Beautiful end to a beautiful day!

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