Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year's -- From 2012 to 2013

Our kids are old enough now that most had their own New Year's Eve parties! 
The last few years we've let the younger kids invite friends over and we've taken them out to eat and downtown. Last year we got together we finally got a chance 
to get together with our own friends and their kids too. 

This year I decided to host a grown-up party. We had a few takers for Karaoke but the biggest hit was "Name that 80's tune." Our party was short and sweet as everyone came after 10:00 so they could get younger kids settled into bed and had to run as soon as the clock struck midnight to go pick up older kids at other parties around the neighborhood! 

But so fun to CELEBRATE with friends! 
 The best part of hosting a New Year's Party 
is you literally have all day and into the night to get ready!
Celebrate 2013! (This photo doesn't do my festive decorating justice! Just sayin')
Having so much fun with Name that 80's tune we forgot to pour the sparkling cider at Midnight!

Can always rely on these girls to make it a good time!

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