Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Un-Mom Like"

My friend, Betsy, just posted a page on her blog of all the decidedly "un-mom like" things she does. Here are mine to add to the list:
1. I love to eat ice-cream with a spoon right out of the pint.
2. I still climb on the counters when I need to reach something on the top shelf instead of using a chair.
3. I love to play Ms. Pac Man and sometimes I sneak and play on Sundays.
4. I don't mind going out without make-up.
5. When I burp, I laugh instead of saying, "excuse me."
6. I love to take naps and I'm not very good at waking up early.


Mason said...

can we put this in the PTA newsletter next month? Love it, I'll try to do something similar on my blog when I ever get around to it. I see by the date of this entry that you are busy too :)
Katie Graham

J said...

forget eating ice cream straight out of the pint...for me it's the 1/2 gallon. see, i'm MUCH more unmomlike than you!
i'll have to do one of these on my blog. ♥