Friday, September 11, 2009

Open Windows

A few months ago just Nick and I were driving around and he asked if we could open ALL the windows in the car -- moon roof, VERY back "vent windows" -- everything. I said, "No."

There are lots of reasons why--its windy and noisy being good reasons and I simply don't feel like it being the main reason.

Then I remembered a freezing winter day 30 years ago when my dad opened all the windows in our car. He stuck his foot out the window (yes, while driving), so we did too. "Wow!!! This feels GREAT!" he said. "The temperature is PERFECT!" And we laughed and laughed and pretended it was the middle of summer as we drove around with all the windows down. And I remember how fun it was. And how we laughed and laughed. And how much I loved my dad.

So I rolled down all the windows and Nick laughed and laughed and so did I. And it was as great as I remembered.

He asked if we could roll them all down again today. And I said "No." Because I really didn't feel like it. But then I remembered how fun it is and I rolled them all down again. And opened the moon roof and the VERY back windows. And Nick laughed and laughed and it felt GREAT!


Blue said...

you are such a fun momma!

now tomorrow night, you should tell the kids they won't get dinner unless they finish all their dessert. you'll be a contender in the Mom of the Year contest...up against moi, of course ;-)

Julie said...

You are a fun mama!

Josh and Megan said...

ha ha! That is the best rumor I've heard in a long time! Tell me what's been going around then I will tell you what I know!

Camille said...

What a great little mom you are. Thanks for the reminder to say "yes" a little more often, especially when I just don't want to. :)