Saturday, October 02, 2010

October 1st -- Witches Festival

It was my day to get the Kindergarten kiddos from school on early day Friday and we had enough time to go visit the Witches Festival at Gardner Village.
This is a last-ditch effort for me to take any free time I have with Nicholas and go do something fun. We've got 2 hours on Fridays after his morning Kindergarten before he goes to his afternoon Kindergarten and suddenly I'm realizing it's enough time to go do something fun once in a while!

The boys liked seeing all the witches and pumpkins. And trying on witches' hats at the Toy store. And they liked exploring the Candy store several times over and finally picking out a treat. But the thing they loved the most was watching the ducks in the river and spotting the extra large fish. And having enough time when we got home to play the Wii for 10 minutes!

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Julie said...

Ah. Something fun. I need to remind myself to be more fun! Thanks for the inspiration!