Sunday, October 31, 2010

HAppY HaLLoWeen!

Michael Jackson and Luke Skywalker

Titan Baseball Player

Chris' friend Ethan -- his mom always does a bang-up job making him the best costumes!
She can make DI, spray paint, and posterboard turn into a work of art!!

I'm pretty sure I've seen MJ in this exact pose!

Me revisiting my scout costume but with a new recruit this year!


Michelle said...

The scout mother never gets old. Love that one! I've shared your idea with so many others, it's brilliant. I hope there is a leatherman on your belt. the MJ too, classic! I saw Charlie was MJ as well.

Courtney :-) said...

awe.. i've been replaced with ethan. thanks. haha love you! <3 i should have given you the picture of me and dad!