Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Creeps

When you have one dead rat in your zucchinis and another next to your swingset with it's guts falling out and infested with flies, it gives a whole new meaning to, "You don't know where that fly in your kitchen has been."

Luckily Dan doesn't even flinch (on the outside) when it comes to disposing of the dead vermin. But I had to take the trash to the curb today and I'm not quite sure why, but the lid was left open on the can last night, and the gnats were swarming it looking for those dead rats. And I think one of the gnats might have touched me when I reached over to shut the garbage can lid.

And it made me think of Christopher's bedtime conversation last night. He was asking me all about the plague. I hope there's not some weird foreshadowing going on here.

So then I went on my walk and when my friend stopped to talk, I was swarmed by gnats again. It felt like the rat-gnats were following me. And I'm pretty sure one went up my nose. So the rest of my walk I couldn't breathe in too deeply and I kept having to blow my nose on my sleeve. And I know that sounds gross, but obviously I couldn't have actually inhaled more bubonic plague than I've already been contaminated with.

I've kind of got the creeps.


jukebox6 said...

Yuck, yuck, and more yuck. Hooray for a good rain storm.

matt, bekah, jax said...

I love your hilarious writing. Jax wanted to scroll through your entire blog and see more pics of "Aunt Angela."

Ryser Family said...

You are so funny. We have a rat under our bird feeder too - yuck