Sunday, December 19, 2010

Courtney's First Dance

Courtney and Jeff

Taylor, Megan, Anne, Courtney

Okay Courtney, sorry to be so cheesy on the title, but really, as your mom, I do get to be cheesy when it comes to my kids big firsts sometimes. Right?! Even if you are 15 years old! You'd be sad if I didn't...right? Just like I like it when my mom cries whenever she talks about how much she loves her kids. It's one of the things mom's are supposed to do!

The details: Winter Formal 2010. Girl's Choice.
Nobody was old enough to drive, so parents took turns.
Dan and I got to do pick-up.
Our plan of 4 kids squishing in the middle of our car and 4 more squishing in the very back didn't work. 4 kids couldn't fit in the back. So Dan, being the awesome dad, and knowing we were running late getting the group to their dinner reservation downtown (Macaroni Grill) jumped out at the corner to make room for the last boy and walked the mile home.

Big Thank You to Courtney for agreeing to let me take a photo of her and Jeff after she picked him up (kids these days are so accommodating)! I was fast and only took one so as not to embarrass. But it turned out great!

Rest of the details: Macaroni Grill, Gelato down the street (within walking distance while they waited for the next parent to pick them up and drive them to the dance), Dance at the high school (so different these days!), Hung out after at Taylor's making scones & hot chocolate, decorating gingerbread house (Courtney and I with help from her friends made them previously -- all 4! From scratch. Feeling pretty talented!), and playing Curses. Home by 1:00 a.m.

I was fast asleep when she got home, but I asked her to wake me up when she got home and tell me all about it. Wow...seems like yesterday!

Okay, now I'm looking forward to all the oohs and ahhs and comments from all the aunts and and grandmas!! :-) Go!


Michelle said...

I ohhh'd and awww'd on Facebook, but will also do the same here just so you know I'm reading :-). She looks beautiful. Seems like just yesterday that Emily, Paula, and I were working out the details of our first Christmas Dance at Olympus. It is unfathomable that the next generation of Adairs is now embarking upon the same. So crazy! As for the photos, thank goodness for Facebook--gives kids motivation to agree to photos.

Rachel pip said...

Ohhhh--Awwww!! Courtney looks gorgeous! I am so excited to see you at Christmas and hear stories of dances and boys and high school and the whole bit! I can't believe how old this makes me feel! Good goin on the great dress and accessories, and of course, her hair always looks beautiful!

matt, bekah, jax said...

Oooh, Awww!! Okay I just saw Rach and Meesh did the same. Courtney you look beautiful! SO stylish. This seems like yesterday that I was there. Can't wait to hear all the details soon.