Thursday, February 07, 2008

Remember Sea Monkeys?

I will definitely post pictures of Hawaii, but first: Christopher got Sea Monkeys for Christmas from a friend. And they've actually survived having us as caretakers. It's a first for our family -- our other attempts at fish have only lasted 2 days before we've killed them. Not that sea monkeys are actually fish, but they swim in water and have to be fed. He also got Magic Rocks but they didn't grow. I guess we killed them. We can't keep rocks alive, but way to go Sea Monkeys! The picture is of their habitat. They're in there--look carefully.


J said...

i've never even heard of sea monkeys! what planet does that make me from?

it was fun catching up today. you're adorable.

frizzlefry said...

I see them! I see them! Yay Sea Monkeys! And although I never commented on the other post, thanks for the update on "Days". I was totally wondering if Marlena was too old and got booted, and if Roman got his sight back.