Wednesday, February 06, 2008


So when we arrived in Hawaii I discovered I had forgotton my hairbrush. "Oh great... I have to strive to get body in my VERY straight, thin hair with nothing but Dan's comb (a man version of the comb in this picture) -- How will I do that?!!!"

Perhaps inspired by the "80's Weekend" that KISS FM Hawaii was broadcasting... Kind of fun to play, "Guess the Artist" to oldies but goodies such as "Raspberry Beret," "Take On Me," "Stray Cats," "Turn Around Bright Eyes," "Dead Man's Party," "Life in a Northern Town," and just as I said, "They haven't played any OMD!" they ended the night with, "If You Leave!" It was really a good day... Oh yeah, I was talking about something else...

Start again... Perhaps inspired by the "80's Weekend" that KISS FM Hawaii was broadcasting, my hands were also taken back to a time when all hairdo's were created with a pick. Suddenly I found I could get lift at my scalp and flip in the ends all with my pick/comb. Eight years of primping my perm with a pick (wow, don't say that too fast--it sounds a little racy) saved the day.

Okay, I'm so taken with how innocent the phrase is yet how naughty it sounds that I need to stop typing now. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. I'm kind of tired too, which makes the laughing even worse. And my dishes are piled high as well as the laundry so I'm wondering if I'm laughing, but in fact really crying because of all the work to do. Wish I could tune into an 80's station.


Jenn C. said...

I've been waiting to hear about your Hawaii trip and all I get is a racey statement about a pick and a perm?! Surely there is more? (By the way, your blogging keeps me laughing! Also, XM Radio has a station dedicated entirely to the 80s, 24/7 - a real treat!)

Michelle said...

Wow, that is a great line. I'm laughing out loud myself! Glad the hair turned out okay. Long live the hair pick...I can't wait for perms to come back in style. My fine thin hair would love it.