Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Favorite TV Show Quote of the Week

This has been running through my head for two days...not sure why. But if you know what show it's from, you get 10 points. Any guesses:
"Bowling! Can I go bowling? Those two-toned shoes are so retro-chic!!"


Anonymous said...

I know!! Its from Arthur!! I love that show!! Muffy says that when the other kids are in a boiling torniment with mighty mountain!! P. S. This is chandler!!

Angela said...

Way to go, Chandler! You got it! I want to know how many more adults, kids and toddlers watch Arthur!

Chanarama! said...

I don't know how many watch it, but they all should! It's a great show! :)

J said...

i haven't watched tv in so many years that i just heard about american idol last fall.

i really am starting to feel like i live in a parallel universe!