Friday, January 25, 2008

Like Sands Through the Hourglass...

Instead of being on a plane over the Pacific, we're sitting in the Crown Room of the airport. Apparently planes can't fly if the heater is broken. The good news is the part is on its way... on a plane from Atlanta. Only a five hour delay...

What I really thought was important for everyone to know was that many of our favorite characters from my favorite soap during my teenage years can still be found on Days of Our Lives! Imagine my surprise when I looked up at the TV and saw that not only is Days of Our Lives still on the air, but Patch is also continuing to star in his dramatic role 25 years later--Patch and all. (Didn't he at one time get his eye fixed?) I was just as surprised to see Roman. Roman was in a hospital bed but I don't know why. Although he might be called Stefano now because didn't Stefano get killed in a fire and then years later they found out it was actually Roman killed in the fire and Stefano went through major reconstructive surgery to look like Roman?

From what I got in the 2 minutes I saw, Patch has a daughter who is a cute teenager but was really upset about something. Kayla was with her and I can only suspect she's her mother. I'm not sure if Patch and Kayla are still married--or even if they did get married, for that matter.

There were a couple of characters I didn't recognize (only teens, so weren't born back when I was a fan in 1987). Everyone will be happy to know that the guy was encouraging the girl to go tell her friend/enemy (not sure) the truth because its very important to tell the truth and face the consequences--which they will face together, he assured her.

I'm tempted to go see if Marlena is still on... and Kim and Bo and what was Bo's girlfriend's name? I'm sure Victor Kiriakis is... Do you think he's good or bad now? (And isn't he Jennifer Aniston's dad?)

Darn, somebody changed the channel.

Just went to the website to get my questions answered: Roman who became Stefano is now "John Black." Kim is not on and Hope was Bo's girlfriend and is still on. Patch and Kayla have been married two different times and it was unclear if they are still married because Patch was killed several years ago but wasn't totally dead, just living in a different city and didn't know his identity. He's back now but I couldn't discern if Kayla had met someone else after she'd believed he was dead. I was also going to give a current update, but it would be impossible to relay all that has happened. WOW!!! It is A LOT!

Oh good, the plane from Atlanta is only an hour away.

Oh yeah, and Patch did get his eye fixed at one time, but apparently something else happened because he's wearing his Patch again.


Courtney said...

I hope that you have a great trip! I'm sorry that you're delayed. :-( Love you!

Thackeray's said...

That is so funny! The pathetic thing is that I can follow it all although my era of "Days" was in 8th grade - 1993.