Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Well, I could spend all night trying to figure out how to make a cool slideshow for easy blog-viewing, but not in the mood for learning something new tonight. It's 9:30 and Nick is still getting out of bed trying to make a beeline to my bed. How do you not give in to a new 3-year-old saying, "But I need to sleep in your bed, Mom. But I'm scared, Mom."

We were up late tonight as Christopher finished building his new Legos Dwarve's (Dorf's) Mine set ALL BY HIMSELF! And that's only half the great news... Nicholas actually was able to watch without trying to break it. Only an occasional blood-curdling scream from Chris, "MOOOOOMMMM!!! He's trying to WREEEEEECK IT!!!!" And Marty happily jumped up to assist because I was happily researching Super Smash Melee (or something like that) that comes out in March for the Wii, that Marty really wants and is in a panic that we need to order it now so it won't be sold out and I have to figure out if I'm comfortable with the T rating or not. So all-in-all a very peaceful, cooperative evening.

So I'm posting catch-up photos of Christmas...

Christmas Eve Fort -- Yes, they slept in it the night before and stayed up until late watching "Unaccompanied Minors."

Christmas Eve Singing Carols

Christmas Day

Also, just found My Gym here for Nick! All my older kids did My Gym in California -- Marty met there with all of his friends and I hung out with all the moms once a week for 3 years straight. Needless to say when I found My Gym here (couldn't believe it!) and Nick was playing, I was close to tears the whole time. So many good memories and so many close friends that we had to say goodbye to. Don't feel like I'll ever get over it no matter how much I like Utah and how many new good friends I've made here. A part of me will always miss my friends and life in California.

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