Monday, January 21, 2008

2007 Favorites

If you have wood floors and children who eat, you must get the Swiffer Vacuum/Duster. It's life-changing! My vacuum hose is too much of a nuisance to pull out every time the floor is dirty. My Electrolux small vacuum DESIGNED for wood floors doesn't pick up crumbs AT ALL. And the broom is tedious. So a friend visited (apparently noticing the filthy floors) and said I needed the Swiffer Vacuum/Duster. Months later I finally remembered and NOW I'M IN LOVE! It can vacuum up ANYTHING! It hangs on a hook on the wall with a little plug to charge it. In 2 minutes I can vacuum the whole floor -- it gets into crevices, picks up cheerios and large chunks of who knows what, and dusts the floor at the same time. It's only $30! Everyone has got to get one!

Origins Automagically eyeliner pencil. WOW! If you've been keeping up with earlier posts you know that I'm relatively new to the world of eyeliner and have some difficulty applying. Origins pencil goes on so smooth. I love Bobbi Brown but practically had to poke a hole in my eye to get it to "draw." I've also tried using a wet eye-liner brush with powder shadow but the two-step process was time-consuming (seconds count in the morning, as everyone knows), and liquid eye liner takes a VERY STEADY hand.

KIND bars. So yummy...WOW! Apricot & Almond are the best. I'm somewhat uncomfortable with them adding glucose and "ignoring" it in their advertising saying "sweetened with honey, that's all!" But I've forgiven them because they taste so good.

Peanut Butter stirrer. My mom trained all her children to only buy peanut butter with no added sugar..."peanuts and salt, that's all!" The downside is having to stir the oil into the peanut butter -- messy and time-consuming -- so much so that if you're in a hurry but you need to open a new jar of peanut butter, you have to eat something else because stirring takes so long. My sister sent me the peanut butter stirrer and its amazing! Real Simple also was advertising it this month.

And of course... BLOGGING.


Tiff said...

Would the swifter work well on tile too?

Angela said...

Absolutely! You won't regret it!!

matt, bekah & baby jax said...

I'm so excited, I have been having to constantly sweep the kitchen floors. This will be awesome!

Michelle said...

Hey - thanks for the Days update. What about Frankie and Jen our fav teen couple? Are they still around? About the Swiffer, I've been happily Swiffer/Vac-ing for 3-1/2 years and I must say it is an amazing tool. HOWEVER, for the $30 price tag just keep in mind it is disposable and the rechargable battery will start loosing it's charge-ability in about 6-12 months (I've been through 3). But for $30 who's complaining, just pick up a new one. For $30/year it's worth it! Glad you discovered it!