Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kershaw is Training Us

I was on a tight leash today making sure I kept Kershaw's schedule regular! Also included setting my alarm for 3:00 am to take him out. Our trainer said he likes to do that until they're older. However, my vet today said he should definitely be able to sleep through the night and if he has an accident once in a while its no big deal. So, I'll try the vet's approach tonight. (He was actually sleeping through the night when we picked him up but I wanted to err on the side of "we did everything the trainer told us" his first night back!)

Basically his schedule is:
1) crate
2) take out of crate after 1 to 1 1/2 hours (ignore him if he cries unless its been an hour)
3) take out to potty (sorry you hate potty as a verb, Courtney!)
4) inside to play for 15 min.
5) outside to potty again
6) back in crate


Cutest ever!
I was really racing to maximize each 1 hr. stint that I had. We had the morning outing to the vet and he came with me in his travel crate to pick up Chris and take Nick to swimming. Wanted a fun distraction with him. Dan did come home for one potty break and play session so I could have my meeting with the designer.  Nick took him out a couple times this evening! Unfortunately, Chris can't help yet!

I'm exhausted.
"Can we take him with us, Mom? Please!!"
My two babies...
His favorite toy is an empty water bottle.
I spent a lot of my day in the x-pen with Kershaw. 

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