Monday, January 16, 2017

Sayonara, Sun

I'm so grateful we had these 5 days together -- our whole family together and just our family.
We haven't gone on any adventures, due to Chris' leg, but no one minded. It was fun to simply relax, play games, watch A Series Of Unfortunate Events, play in the pool, laugh, joke and hang out together.

Courtney was remembering that when she went to college it felt like she'd never see her family again. But then realized that wasn't the case -- this past year we've seen her about every three weeks!
Two years is a long time for Marty to be gone, but I'm excited for letters and getting to hear from him in a different way -- the spiritual side of him and about him living in a very different and new place, being a missionary!

And as Dan and I well remember, two years ends and then you have a lifetime to enjoy together.

It's been fun to see Marty focused on getting through the Book of Mormon before he goes into the MTC and hear his thoughts about the narrative as he's reading.

Morning homework time

Dan and Nick going to check out the snorkeling

Our room was literally steps from the beach with a large grassy area out front and a smallish area of sand so it wasn't too difficult for Chris to get to the beach. In just the short time we've been here, his mobility has improved a ton. The first day he could barely bend and there was no way he could sit on a low chair. But a few days in, he was able to bend his leg enough and balance enough to lower himself into the beach chair.

Dan and I have commented that although we prefer going to Maui, coming to Oahu and staying in this particular hotel and villa have been so providential. Walk-out rather than stairs and elevators, steps to the pool, beach and beachside restaurant. Close to parking. We had no idea when we booked this trip how all these little details would make such a difference for Chris being able to get around!

Chris getting some sun and enjoying the outdoors for the first time in a few weeks!
Chris was worried about spending the entire day at Polynesian Cultural Center and wasn't happy to be pushed in a wheelchair. We decided to just go for a couple of hours. If we left wanting more, we had something to look forward to next time we came!

We got there about 4:00 and were able to enjoy shows in the Tongan and Samoa Villages, as well as a short IMAX movie, dinner and the finale show. The 30 minute shows were entertaining and the buffet was good. (Although there were tons of places to buy food had the buffet not been included in our ticket.) We'd heard great reviews for the show, "Ha: Breath of Life" but after 20 min. our kids were ready to go. Claiming the kid on crutches was sick, we ditched out. I think everyone would have been more engaged in the show if our seats were closer. I think.

Had to sneak this photo of Chris in the Jazzy because he was really upset about needing to use it.
But a million times better than crutching around!

Two brothers walking and talking. I have a similar photo of Nick and Courtney just before we dropped her off in Seattle.

Courtney said this is what Dan and I always look like sitting watching something. Our resting faces.

Sunday morning after church we got our temple photo. I wish we could have gotten one with the whole family. But love this of my cute Shaeffer kids all together!

We stopped to get shrimp and Hawaiian shave ice at food trucks on the way home from church. The shrimp was super good and the shaved ice tasted like chemicals. Nick took one sip and said it tasted like medicine. We had to throw them away.

And the boys were in a panic to get home as fast as possible to watch the Cowboys. Too bad the Cowboys and Dak couldn't pull it off. Close. So Close!
Hawaii is outside, but Cowboys are playing inside!

Seriously?! Courtney and I hopped a wall and there was a curb on the other side and I rolled my ankle!
Thankfully a little ice each morning and it feels pretty good the rest of the day.
We are just sitting around our last day here. Sleeping, eating, sleeping some more. Updating blogs, doing reading assignments, playing Clash Royale and Super Mario, Marty faithfully working on the Book of Mormon. Even working in time for a workout at the hotel gym.

Chris had to get a shot again in anticipation of our plane trip home. Tonight he'll get the last one and then we are done!

We have the all night flight home and Nick has his school clothes so he can go straight to school! (Yikes! Glad it's not me!) Courtney and Marty will say their goodbyes at the airport as she flies home to Seattle and we go to SLC. What's that going to be like?!

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