Monday, January 09, 2017

Kershaw Goes to the Trainer and We Go To Bonsai

Marty's been hoping to go to Bonsai before he leaves on his mission but with Chris' accident that didn't happen. Today we wondered if it would be a good day, and Chris was up for it! Yay!

First outing by choice. He was exhausted halfway thru dinner.
Matt, Thomas and Marty. It's been fun to see these boys so much this week!
The other three boys! Love having them all together.
Happy Almost Birthday, Nick! (That's the Bonsai gong Marty's ringing.)

The Bonsai Birthday Photo. We miss having Bonsai in our neighborhood!

Kershaw had a pretty good night -- didn't cry so much when he went to bed and didn't wake up until 5:30. Dan took him out so I got to sleep. Oh what a relief. We are trying to stay outside at least 15 minutes so he gets a real opportunity to potty and Dan was glad that he did. But apparently not long enough, because at 7:00 when I got up to get Nick's lunch, there was evidence that Kershaw had been there. Dang! We are doing something wrong and to be quite frank, so relieved that the Trainer is picking him up today! He's pretty sweet, but you can't take your eyes off him!

He actually slept a bunch today and I sat in his playpen and did some work there so that he would sleep in his bed, and it worked! When I went back to my desk, he woke right up and followed me. But I got his bed and put it right by me and he just laid there and slept. It was pretty cute.

The trainer came and was ever so confident and I was the "new mom" asking him if he needed his crate? carrier? toys? bed? blanket? Nope. Just his food. And off they went. I think he's in good hands. He certainly seemed to be. I'm kind of sad Marty won't see him again for two years! But Marty was playing with him this morning when he got up and then wrapped him all up in a blanket while he was sleeping by me. We probably should have done this a couple of years ago.
See you in 2 years, Kershaw!

Kershaw, 8 weeks, 2 days.

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