Saturday, January 07, 2017


He's here! Kershaw! And I'm reminded of my very first blog post ever...
"Baby's crying, but I just created a blog!"

And 12 years later I'm thinking, "Puppy is crying, but I am catching up on my blog!"

(It's much easier to ignore a dog crying than it is a baby.)

Chris didn't take any pain meds yesterday except Extra Strength Tylenol in the early morning and Oxycodone before bed. Today was the first time he didn't wake up at 4 or 5 a.m. and need more pain meds. Wow.

He calls or texts me when he needs me to come down. But today when he didn't call, I kept checking my phone to make sure I hadn't missed him. But I hadn't. He slept the whole night through. I slept in until 8:30. Chris and Marty til 9:30. (Well all except Dan and Nick who were sleeping up at Wintercamp in 5* weather!) We had another pajama day -- everyone relaxing. Chris felt great all day today. (I should clarify that "great" means he didn't hurt like crazy. He still was in bed all day. He still needs his crutches. But he did take a walk on crutches down the hall trying to put a bit of weight on his bad foot for a few steps. That's what "feeling great" means right now.)

I got a video from Dan and Nick at the Scout Klondike Derby camp. Even though it's freezing up there, they were laughing and smiling and said they were having a great time. Lots of friends of Dans from wards all over our area were up there as scout leaders and Dan enjoyed getting to see them. He said they had a blast, but the boys really missed having their usual Breakfast Burritos Dan makes at scout camp!

Dan and Nick got home in the afternoon and warmed up in the shower and relaxed for an hour and then Nick went to a party and Dan and I bought a few more dog supplies -- gates and flooring (to protect our flooring).

And then we drove to Payson to pick up Kershaw!

Everyone was excited for us to bring him home. Hope Nick feels that way tomorrow. He's sleeping in the family room with Kershaw. I'll go sleep there too so we can help him when he needs to go out at night.

We tried to get him to potty before we left the breeder, but he was too interested in the front yard. After we got him in the car, we got about 3 blocks before he started whimpering. We pulled over at a church (I was panicked that he'd run and we wouldn't be able to catch him) and let him out. Sure enough, he peed. Yay! Good puppy! He was a bit restless in the car for a few minutes, but soon, he fell asleep in my lap, his little head resting between my knees.

When we got home, we all had fun holding and petting him. He wandered about the house checking things out, but really didn't go far. And whenever we call, "Come here Kershaw! Here puppy!" He comes running. Marty, Thomas and Matt were all here and all had fun meeting him. Nick was online FaceTime gaming with Ethan and Miles. So they got to meet Kershaw too.

But it was 8:30 before we got home so Kershaw had only an hour to run around and then we tried to put him to sleep. He seriously cried for 45 minutes. Marty threatened to call PETA. I pulled up "first night" info on the internet to reassure everyone it's what we were supposed to do.

So he's been settled for an hour but started to cry again. Dan and Nick tried to take him potty, but he kept running in the house again. He cried when they put him back in his crate, but only for a few minutes this time. Nights may be interesting, but he's pretty dang cute!

On the injury front, Chris had a great day. No pain meds all day. Wanted to shower tonight. Managed it but was exhausted. Recovered easier this time than last. Took an Oxy again before bed and is looking forward to a good night's sleep.

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