Wednesday, January 25, 2017

First MTC Letter

Marty's first e-mail came today -- the same day I picked up his portrait. 
Sounds like he's doing good. 
My favorite lines: 

"The spirit of the MTC is amazing. It really makes every day here a blessing."

1 Nephi 3:7 "I've been commanded of the Lord to go on my mission and learn Japanese so I know he will prepare a way to accomplish that task!"

and in his letter to Mom and Dad:

"Learning Nihongo is super cool and super hard which makes it all the more satisfying to learn. 
All the teachers only speak in Japanese to us which is sometimes frustrating but I'm sure their system has been refined and it's the best way to learn."

He's also singing in the choir "and it's just fun to be slightly musical."

Kershaw is back! Wish us luck! He's ever so cute and soft and furry so he's got that going for him. 
I loved talking to our trainer and learning what works for Kershaw. Also watching how he's taught Kershaw to be still for a short period of time. 
We'll start group training on Saturday with the whole family. 

This isn't the best photo, but he moves fast!

Back at Spin Class on Tuesday. Ankle a bit sore but not too bad.

"Bubble, Bubble, toil and trouble..." 

I know that's not how it really goes, but I was learning about metrical lines and "Double, Double..." was the example for "Trochea" and Nick's been blowing bubbles like crazy so "Bubble, Bubble..." is stuck in my head instead of the real thing! (Is that an example of life imitating art?!)

EC advised me to "take care of my eyes" so in that spirit of taking her advice, I wore my sunglasses all day today even though it was totally snowy. I think it helped. (Until it got really dark and foggy and I couldn't see that great and then remembered I had my sunglasses on!)
Courtney, is this my typical resting face?

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