Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Saying Goodbye to Another Member of the Family

Said goodbye to Marty's Subie! It was kind of sad!

But one of Chris' friends bought it so its kind of staying in the family. He even said he was keeping Marty's sticker while it lasted. It will make me happy seeing the Sub around the neighborhood!

Thanks for keeping my boy safe!

 From Marty's letter to Mom and Dad this week:

"It feels really good to be in an environment where everyone is committing to the Lord. The MTC is like the holiest place on earth, so it makes up for the mediocre food, ha ha!"

"Our district is awesome and we have a ton of fun together. It's probably repayment for all those terrible EFY groups I had, ha ha! Every day is a joy here and I have yet to have a really bad one. Sometimes they feel long, but always at the end of the day we're hanging out and I just feel fulfilled or something."

Thought I should also comment on the house. Every time we go over it's like Christmas because something beautiful has been added! I love the men working on our home -- they really care about making it beautiful and share their ideas for making it just right! 

My designer is also awesome, and I feel really blessed to be in such good hands with her. It's made the house project fun because I can trust her judgment, get her input on every detail I'm being asked about and she has such a beautiful style, but cares about it being my style. Not pretentious at all and I can voice my opinion. Can't believe we will be moving in in a few months!

Kevin and Catherine discussing light fixture placement. Kevin's guys installing crown around the coffers.

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