Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday Sum Up

Packing up a few boxes when I'm in the mood...
But going through all these books is a tender walk down memory lane.

Speaking of walking down memory lane, Dan bought me the Saturday's Warrior record for Valentine's Day -- sort of as a joke. Sort of not. 
He found it in a pile of records for sale at Blues Barbershop (of all places)!

He is shocked that I can sing along every. single. word. 

I'm trying to impress upon him that this was our ONLY music. Actually, our ONLY entertainment, besides what we created from our own imagination. We listened to Saturday's Warrior over and over. And over. And over. And over.

Kershaw got shots on Thursday and was SUPER sick! Yikes! Luckily my friend had warned me ahead of time. And I'm happy to report that I actually felt bad for Kershaw and nurturing and not at all frustrated. He was pretty cute on the other days of the week too and is getting easier.
By easier, I mean much more predictable. 

The baby peaking out.
Boys performing yo-yo tricks on a Sunday evening. 

P.S. Another crown fell off. 
And our house is infested with box elder bugs. 

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