Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sack Lunch

Wanted to document this ritual. Down to making only 2 lunches instead of 4 and it goes much quicker! I used to write their full names, but one year I realized an initial will suffice! 

But marking is definitely needed as everyone has a different variation in their lunch. 
Nick likes a water bottle, Chris likes juice. 
Before, when everyone had a peanut butter sandwich, 
Marty took a jam sandwich with a bag of peanuts. Because he didn't like peanut butter. 
And one year Nick's lunch table had a friend allergic to peanuts so 
he didn't ever take anything peanut related. And another year a kid was allergic to meat. 
So no leftover steak sandwich in his lunch. 
Nick didn't like cheese on his sandwich and everyone else did. 
And then he liked cheese but not lettuce. And soon all the boys didn't want lettuce. 
And some liked pineapple juice but not grape. And others liked grape but not pineapple. 
And last year Marty refused to eat whole wheat bread and I said "fine." 
Because after 13 years of sandwiches, I understand you need a change. 
But I made the other boys have whole wheat because it's good for you.

In other observations:
This is Christopher's bathroom. He doesn't share with anyone else.
I'll never understand why one towel isn't enough.

Kershaw chilling with his new toy the Paul's sent. He had two almost 3-hour stints in his crate today! I actually went in there even though he didn't bark because I was worried.
Not quite the same feeling as when your baby has slept a long time and you panic that they stopped breathing. But I did wonder. He was fine.

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