Thursday, February 02, 2017

Quote of the Day

Drove Chris' carpool this morning. 
As we were waiting at the first house, I cleared my throat 
and because no one was there to see, spit out the window. 
Amazingly (and obviously without trying to), I nailed our friend's mailbox.

"Did you spit on his mailbox?!!" Chris asks incredulously.
"Obviously I didn't mean to. I can't believe it went that far!" say I.

I jump out of the car to clean it off and Chris is dying that I do this 
because his friend is coming out any second and might see me. 
But I was quick and used the snow so no trace of my indiscretion was left.

"Do NOT say anything to him when he comes out!" Chris warns.
"Obviously, I'm not planning on it." I say.

Says Chris,
"Well with you, we never can be sure."

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