Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Taking Care of Business

Yesterday I was getting root canal and fixing the other crown-less tooth all morning. From 9 - 11:30. And this time the tooth wasn't quite as numb as it should have been. I was on edge for 2 hours straight. Then I went directly to a dentist consult. I'm on a mission to find a better dentist.

I texted some friends to see if anyone loved their dentist. Two said they did love theirs. Because he was economical, super nice and nothing fancy. Well, I've had that for the past 14 years and guess what? My teeth are a mess.

So now I want super fancy equipment and expensive is fine. My teeth are worth it! (And my kids' teeth!)

I spent 2 more hours interviewing just one dentist. And I have to say, anyone willing to spend 2 hours with someone "just interviewing" is impressive. (Should I be worried that he doesn't have a very busy practice?!) He said my teeth look awesome, except for where they're wearing away because I'm biting weird. (And I used to have "a perfect bite!") And we've got to get on that stat. Because it's probably the cause of my teeth breaking.

I interview two more dentists after Nick and I get home from spring break. No more putting it off or making excuses for my dentist. (I went to his office last Thursday to get an x-ray of the tooth that the crown came off. He said "looks good! No decay! just needs the crown reattached!) But the endodontist said, "it's decaying. the crown clearly came off because of the decay." This is the SECOND time my dentist told me there was no decay and then the endodontist told me there was. So frustrating. But I was glad my plan of getting an x-ray and then getting a 2nd opinion worked and confirmed my suspicions.

Today I had a Mammogram. I am really taking my health seriously this month.

I also made a list of things to accomplish today. Because if I don't write it down, I seriously can't remember a dang thing. And yesterday after my marathon dental visits and then finding out I had to drive to Tooele to pick up Kershaw, I came home and couldn't think straight enough to get anything productive done. (But is was fun to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine all evening with Nick. That and clean up the dog's diarrhea -- I think he was traumatized from us being gone all week.)

But today was different. I made my list and I crossed things off. And I had a Mammogram. So bonus points.

Nick is at his first YM's activity Night Skiing. So excited to hear all about it. Dan is skiing in Jackson Hole (and having board meetings). Chris and I went to Cafe Rio just the two of us. It was nice talking. I told him all about when I got the "Chris has been life flighted" phone call. And how scary it was to hear "life flight" and how relieved I was when it was just a broken leg. As bad as that was, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Wednesday's are Marty's letter days. Here are some of my favorite parts from his letter to Dan and I:

P days are great out here, going to the temple and just
getting to exercise without having class in the middle is so nice. 
We're also singing a 4 part Men's song on Sunday for choir which will be fun. 
I somehow ended up at with the super low part which is funny. 
Turns out I've got a pretty wide vocal range. Who knew?

Japanese is still just as fun as ever. I'm so intrigued by this language. 
Becoming fluent in it will be the coolest ever, and I'm for sure gonna take it in college when I'm back. 

So our branch president came and talked to us this week and did a 
"deep dive" into the scriptures, and we talked about how god formed our souls from intelligence 
and it was super crazy and blew my mind. 
Our branch president is a doctrinal library I swear. He is super amazing. 

I am so glad Marty is being challenged. And meeting people who can "deep dive" into the scriptures and "blow his mind." He's so smart and I know it feels really good to him when he can learn stuff that makes him really think hard.

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