Monday, February 20, 2017

Ski Weekend

President's Day Weekend skiing in Deer Valley! (Crap! Just remembered I forgot my charger! And apparently so did Nick.) Such a fun trip! Unless you have a broken femur. Then it's kind of boring.

View from our windows! Not bad.
Dan and I headed up Thursday night for a night to ourselves. (No Dog!) We went to dinner, watched a movie (The Hollers with John Krasinski -- if you liked him in The Office, you'll love The Hollers), and skied on Friday. My legs were so sore!

Friday night Chris came up with a big group of friends and brought Nick up too. We all had pizza (at what turned out to be "their" pizza place they always go to when skiing at Park City). The boys then went bowling, later hot tubbing and then 2 a.m. sledding. We slept right through it. 

Dan, Nick and I watched The Trolls which is one of the worst movies in history. But the rest of the trip we binged watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

Saturday my legs were so sore from the day after skiing that I was unsure I could make even three runs. But I toughed it out and after three runs they started loosening up. However, no moguls for me that day. Too tired.

Here comes Nick in the green coat! (He totally sprayed me and then crashed right after I shot this!)
My ski boots have some serious pressure points. See those red marks! Always the same place!
Our Deer Valley tradition is paninis for lunch. And just as we were getting back to the condo, Chris and friends were waking up -- just in time for lunch.

Chris and friends got in trouble for throwing snowballs at people on the lift and racing across the mountain in bathing suits to hop the fence and swim at the private club across the way. Surprisingly, not in trouble for trespassing, just for running across the mountain and throwing snowballs. To their credit, Dan and I saw several grouchy ski instructors that day. Lots of cool ones. But we were really feeling bad for some kids that were saddled with the grouchy ones!

Making a run for it!

Mom spying from our window!
I love getting back to the condo after skiing and cooking a Costco dinner. No work and no going anywhere. Just spending the whole afternoon and evening in our long johns relaxing. And watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. We did play a few games of Rummikub.

Sunday it was storming outside and we were so happy to have a day to sit warm inside! Actually Nick wrote to Marty that it was torturing him that he couldn't go skiing. But I was thrilled to have it be Sunday so we couldn't go skiing. I got caught up on my scripture reading (finished Judges -- Samson! Ugh! Am I right?!) and we watched Storks -- it's been an Andy Samberg weekend -- and Wreck it Ralph. I am so behind on the family films!
Monday I was surprisingly not sore. We were up early and Nick and Dan were the first on the lift. I was ready by the second run. It was sunny and beautiful. A bit windy at the top but so fun. I actually was ready to try some moguls again -- they were soft and slow, just my kind. Challenging but not stressful. 

Chris wants us to plan another ski weekend when he can actually go! Maybe April?

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