Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Book Club

I hosted Book Club tonight at my home. I love meeting with these friends once a month. We choose great books and I always love having something good to read. However at book club we don't spend much time discussing the books. Maybe a few minutes. And the rest of the time we catch up and share and care. Debbie and I started the book club about 10 or 11 years ago. It's that good.

Chris had his 6 week appointment today. He reported he's in zero pain. The doc watched him walk and said his limp will improve as his butt muscles get stronger. He needs to do some Physical Therapy to assist with that. He has no activity restriction except skiing and running. He should wait about 6 more weeks to allow his muscles to get stronger. Right now even though his leg feels strong, the muscles may not support or work as he's used to and the more strenuous sports (skiing, lacrosse) are at higher risk for injury until those muscles strengthen.

The current x-rays still look very much like broken bones. But the doctor pointed out a faint white line which is the callous beginning to build up and fill in the spaces. He said that particular mineral doesn't show up on x-rays as clearly, but it's definitely beginning to fill in.

The snow has melted and this little puppy is going crazy chasing leaves and sticks, digging at the grass and generally being very stimulated whenever he's outside.

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