Sunday, February 12, 2017

Relaxing Sunday

Sunday morning listening to Courtney's "Piano Mix" on Sonos -- a mix of piano songs she's played over the years (the composer versions). Almost like having her here -- it brings a sweet spirit into our home, perfect for Sunday.

Kershaw has been sleeping through the night all week. We put him to bed at 9:00 p.m. and then get him up at 11:00 and take him out. He's so dang tired at that time he yawns and can barely move. But eventually he'll pee and then we take him straight to bed. At 7:00 he's awake and we take him out again.

So in spite of house mistakes during the day this week, the progress we've made is he doesn't bite anymore and he's sleeping through the night. Good things to remember when we're frustrated with him.

That's a pretty cute scene! Something he's waited a long time for!
Dan got up with him this morning and took him out. Later, after eating he didn't poop, so we but him in his x-pen and took turns keeping our eye on him. Literally watching him for any sign that he was about to go in the house. We were looking through Marty's Senior and Missionary photos trying to narrow down to 12 photos for his book. So while Dan looked at the photos, I watched Kershaw. Then he'd point out ones he liked and while I looked over those, Dan would stare at Kershaw. Literally sit and stare. Not daring to take our eyes off him for a second.

And finally an hour passed and Dan took Kershaw out (pooped and peed! --yep, this is what my life has become -- a documentation of when the dog goes #1 and #2 and my emotional state resting on whether he does or not at the right times) to bed and went back to bed himself. It's so much easier to watch him when two people are there to trade off. When he's home with me alone, into the crate he goes because I can only stand to stare at him for about 2 minutes and then I'm bored. To death.

Nick got up around 9 and soon after Kershaw woke up. Since he'd pooped after eating, he got freedom, so Nick played with him for a while inside and outside. We got an invisible fence on Thursday and Kershaw quickly learned his boundaries so as long as someone is outside with him to supervise, he can run free! Free! Freedom!

Nick made a breakfast burrito (he loves to cook)! I made stew in the crock-pot for dinner and Dan made biscuits. Kershaw sat in the x-pen taking it all in. We talked about a summer trip potentially to ski in Argentina and see Iguazu Falls.

That conversation reminded me that last night I dreamed I was in Macchu Picchu with my mom. One of those dreams where suddenly you're someplace and not sure how you got there.  When I realized where I was, I was REALLY worried and nervous because I hate heights and I hate worrying about everyone around me about to fall from great heights.

But my mom said "let's just look around a bit without moving and see it from where we're standing. Then if you decide you're ready, we can go look around some more and get closer." We stepped outside our building and looked around. The sun was shining, the mountains were a gorgeous green and I was surrounded by amazing ancient architecture. Happy tourists were walking towards the sites, eager to get a better look. And I could see it really was very beautiful. I appreciated my mom being with me and waiting until I was ready. She gave me time to get comfortable. Soon, I was ready to explore a bit and really enjoyed it.

I realized I had to take that scary bus ride down the mountain cliffs to get out. But there was no other way.  I knew dying was a possibility but I felt okay about it.  I just said I'd close my eyes on the ride and if I die, I die. And I didn't worry about it and finished enjoying my time in the mountains of Peru with my mom.

Whew... deep! Love you, Mom!

Ashtyn and Chris at Sweetheart's
Friday night Chris had Sweetheart's Dance (Girls Choice). A bunch of friends were hanging out at the house and I guess they were all getting picked up here in the early afternoon. Without my even realizing, the girls came and picked them up and they were gone. So no photo by the arbor!! Darn!

Right now Dan, Nick and Chris are out getting driving hours in for Chris and sporting around in Dan's new (old) BMW he bought for racing at the track. It's red, so that's fun.

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