Saturday, March 18, 2017

So Lucky

It's Official! He's got his license!

Happy 16 to this Happy Kid! 
Having your birthday on a Friday is the best because you can celebrate all day long -- and all night long -- if your parents are super chill and only make you come inside when you and your friends are in the middle of the street by the neighbors house being so loud you wake your mom up (3 houses down)  at 3:00 in the morning and she has to run outside in her pajamas and tell you to 
"freaking get in the house--it's 3:00 a.m. and you're totally waking up the neighbors!" 
(In an annoyed voice, not a mad voice. So that's better.)

Chris' birthday actually started on Thursday so we could have some celebration time with the family. 
His dinner request: Crab and artichokes. Bundt cake for dessert.
We even opened presents the night before so we could go to the DMV first thing on birthday morning.

Rollerblades, car subwoofer and new boots.
And money to get through the month before he gets a job and officially becomes responsible for himself.

Leaving the DMV practically before the sun came up.
I'm wearing the shirt I made for everyone for Chris' 2nd birthday.
Then I changed when I got home because it was too tight and uncomfortable to wear the rest of the day.

Taking Luke for a spin!

Gram sent him a balloon banner
to help celebrate his St. Patrick's Birthday in style!

 We really are lucky to have Chris as part of our family!

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