Sunday, March 19, 2017

Laughs and Parades

We didn't march this year, but Saturday morning, Dad & I, Nick & Miles went to watch the St. Patrick's Day parade together.

I would describe it as: Beer, Dogs, Catholics, Unions and Bagpipes.

It was very festive and, like my Dad, I think it's fun to be out-and-about doing something with a community. Feels social and like you're taking advantage of what life has to offer.

And quite frankly, one of those things life is offering, is time with my Dad. I always love being with him. His constant jokes keep me giggling and entertained. He's just seriously so funny. I love being with people who can make me laugh--probably because it reminds me of being with my dad.

He's also a good listener and thoughtful in his responses. He has a way of helping you see and understand alternative perspectives.

Nick, Dad, Me, Miles and the Adair coat-of-arms poster.

This coffin on wheels got him planning that if he's not around next year we could bring him in this instead. His dark humor. Makes me laugh. And makes him having cancer easier.

Morp--Hawaiian Style--was Saturday evening. 
Nope, Noah was not Chris' date. But he was his car buddy. 

 Chris and Annie
(Mom, if you read this, this is Whitney Badger's daughter. Fun how life comes full circle!)

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