Monday, March 13, 2017

Catching Zzzz's

I dropped Nick off at Saxophone and sat in the car to do my homework.
he snapped this photo after his lesson to document that I didn't do any homework at all.

It's so hard to read Paradise Lost at 4:30 in the afternoon!

(No wonder I have a crick in my neck!)

More photos from Michelle. About 1978. 
(Guessing its summer before 3rd grade by my hairstyle and enormous front teeth!)
Snuggled up to Grandma Regan. That's Aunt Marge next to her!

Grandma would have been 69. Marge 39. I was almost 8, Michelle 6.

This is the stage we were in when we sat on the porch of this house during a thunder and lightning storm and Marge got us super excited about the lightning and counting until the thunder and taught us that thunderstorms were so much fun!!

Please notice my knobby knees and tennis shoes. I remember clearly not being able to understand why it mattered if I wore tennis shoes to church or not. Shoes are shoes... right?
Also to note, the bangs that started back on the middle of my head.

Hi, Christopher!

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