Monday, March 13, 2017


I have this weird thing... when someone in my family gets sick, my body tries to copy them. 
It's weird! And embarrassing because is my body secretly wanting attention? 
That's so unlike me! Actually, the wanting attention part is like me. 
But not the "I have to be injured more so someone else doesn't get all the attention" is not like me! 

Example #1 -- When Courtney hurt her back in soccer years and years ago, she was in a lot of pain.
 I found her a chiropractor and the morning of her first appointment, I woke up and couldn't move my neck. It was seriously cricked for no explainable reason and I ended up seeing the chiropractor at the same time and her next subsequent appointments we both got fixed at the same time.

That was the first time I noticed I was an injury copycat. 
There have been more, but more recently, as I was reading an e-mail from Courtney saying she had some cavities and was needing some dental work, I was eating a treat (the one I blogged about that was purported to be cheesecake but actually was caramel), and my crown came out. 
The same moment I was reading about Courtney's teeth!
Like I said, it's weird.

This week Dan developed a bump on his face under the skin. It got bigger and pretty soon the side of his face and eye were swollen. He went to Instacare and discovered it was either a strep or staph infection, he needed to take antibiotics for both and he needed to get it drained from a plastic surgeon to eliminate the risk of it spreading to his eye.
Bandaid Face :-(
So he did and he felt miserable. And that same day I got a crick in my neck during my workout -- related, I think, to essentially being whiplashed so much at Universal Studios. 
And by Friday, I couldn't move. Well, I could. And I did. But I wished I didn't have to.
It hurt mostly trying to lean back, lie down or sit up after lying down.
Saw a massage therapist, and two different medical massage professionals before it started to feel better.

Even though he didn't feel well, Dan took the scouts up to Bear Lake for a campout. 
Luckily they were sleeping in a cabin, so he didn't have to have an infection 
AND sleep on the ground. (He's actually now sleeping on a cot at campouts and enjoying it so much more. We are getting old.)

The next morning the other leader took the boys cross-country skiing. Dan wasn't supposed to exercise, so he was the car guy. Which also included re-winterizing and cleaning the cabin while everyone was gone. He's such a good sport!

This was the boys' first time X-country skiing so obviously a huge learning curve that included a lot of time lying in the snow. 

After they were about 2 hours late from their show-up time, Dan was getting worried.

Meanwhile, the boys felt somewhat lost and then when some got separated from the group they felt really lost. 
The next day in Primary (I have the same boys for Primary, Dan has them for Deacons),
one boy shared their experience of getting lost and deciding to say a prayer and having to make a decision two different times of which way to turn. They felt prompted both times, turned the right way, and finally ended up at the top of a hill where Dan was waiting in the car with Pizza!

He actually was a little teary testifying that even though he was scared, he wouldn't give up that experience to have the experience of feeling the peace he felt after praying.

Pretty tender.

Go Nick!
Speaking of having fun in the snow, check out these vintage photos Michelle found!
Dad's pants!
Do you think the ski boots were brought with the intention of keeping Mom's feet warm?

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