Saturday, March 04, 2017

Post Ride Recovery

Any type of movement (car, plane) has left me reeling a bit. My head's still spinning from our 3 days of riding, looping, spinning and jolting. Dan suggested we see a movie last night and just the thought of a big screen made my head hurt. Clearly getting old. So sad that rides are leaving me a bit queasy and unsettled because I enjoyed them for so long!

Speaking of unsettled, we rented Manchester by the Sea (instead of going out to a movie). Great acting, writing, filming and music. But the story is so sad. Can't stop thinking about it.

Met with my designer who had spent all day choosing fabrics for each room in the house. Also, cabinets are being installed!  Packed up a whole bunch of books in the office and hallway bookshelves. Our move-in date is May 18!!

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